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“Black Lives Matter” by Dax is Out Now!

Dax is a Canadian rapper who has recently gained a lot of attention from his tracks on Youtube. He was once a college basketball player who eventually found a love for poetry. This passion for poetry turned into a career in the entertainment industry, and he currently has more than 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube after releasing some incredibly well directed videos with very impressive lyricism.


His most recent video, titled “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” starts with the quote, “Remember when we were kids and didn’t see color?” This brings an introductory thought of inequality, and makes the listener immediately consider all of the injustices in our world. The video goes on and Dax shows just how talented he is with his lyricisms as he states: 


 “Let’s come together cops, citizens, and in between

 and rally for the rights of everybody in humanity.

Black, blue, white, green, playing for the seam the team

 I’m not MLK but boy that doesn’t mean I Can’t dream.”



 Check out the video below:


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