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Big Cry Country Releases Debut EP “Living Conditions”

Indie punk band Big Cry Country from D.C. and New York have put out their debut EP Living Conditions, which embodies their style of “energetic rock for the kind of people who think a cathartic cry can be improved by dancing.”

Big Cry Country, "Living Conditions" album art by Audrey Kubetin depicts a purple background and a green vine spiraling clockwise on which a number of pink snails with red shells are traversing.
'Living Conditions' cover art by Audrey Kubetin.

Living Conditions was inspired by lyricist/vocalist/guitarist Roxanne Bublitz’s move from D.C. to Brooklyn; “These songs are centered around the turmoil and anxiety of shifting living situations and relationships in the lead up,” the band says. Other members include Jill Miller (drums), JP Salussolia (guitar), and Jarrod Brennet (bass). 

Big Cry Country starts serving up a nostalgic punk sound with the first track “Pest Control”, whose energetic guitar establishes a strong rhythm that makes you want to dance around your bedroom. The guitar is still prominent in “Four of Swords” where experimental vocals also shine, as well as in the next track “Settle Up”. “Call It In” utilizes a slower start with a successful build, then “Friends with Dogs” is a playful end to the impressive project from the local band. 

“We recorded these songs at Headroom Studios in Philly with Kyle Pulley and are super proud of how they came out,” BCC says. 

Big Cry Country will be performing their first show in about three months at Pie Shop on Nov. 4 w/ Mannequin Fight, Blunda, and Shalom to celebrate the release of the EP, and it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss! Learn more here

Alchemical Records contributor Emma Page

Emma Page

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