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Ben DeHan Travels A Universe of Genres with Miss Cacophony

by Hero Magnus

Baltimore rising star Ben DeHan recently released his new single “Miss Cacophony.” We are thrilled to get the chance to introduce it to you, along with a deep dive into DeHan’s music and influences. His body of work, lyrical prowess, and sonic textures are all incredibly robust.

Washington DC is well known for our outstanding punk scene. Many of the most influential punk bands of the last few decades came from DC, from Minor Threat and Rites of Spring to even Fugazi. A lot of them recorded with Don Zientara at one incredible studio called Inner Ear in Arlington, VA. Punk is one of the most cherished parts of the larger DMV music scene. In addition to the insanely famous older bands, there’s also a ton of contemporary punk going on. At festivals, clubs, outdoor venues like Fort Reno, radio shows, and recording studios, DC punk music lives on. The global pandemic has shifted the atmosphere, but not erased it.

Among the modern punk artists of the larger DMV area includes the imminitable Ben DeHan, who recently released a single called Miss Cacophony. DeHan bridges the gap between palatable melodic imagery and a harder-punk ethos. He also incorporates a unique melodic niche into the music he loves.

Ben Dehan got his start at the Vans Warped Tour, a festival which ran for 25 years straight until 2019. It was a classic locale for punk, emo, and scene kids of all flavors. (I had a friend who broke her wrist in a mosh pit at Warped Tour and couldn’t play the bass for the whole summer.) All to say, there were many adventures that happened at Warped Tour, and one of those adventures was the musical beginning of DeHan, who played in a band called American Diary. Now, he’s blazing towards a rocketing solo career. DeHan is interested in making music on an emotional level; he says his life is full of catharsis, joy, and introspection.

In the tradition of much dramatic pop-punk, like Twenty One Pilots and Green Day, Ben DeHan relies on cinematic storytelling. He spins a wild tale in “Miss Cacophony” about falling for some kind of being who helps him see the world differently while the two of them are “speeding through the universe.” The song has many various meanings. It seems to be an homage to music itself, as he sings about being ‘addicted to the fame.’ However, the lyrics also allude to simply living life to the fullest, and pursuing some kind of passion.

DeHan has been releasing singles since 2016. He often alludes to his Baltimore roots and even has a playlist on Spotify noting his favorite Baltimore influences. We’re so excited to hear what’s next from DeHan, and to continue learning about the meaning of life through his witty music. In the middle of “Miss Cacophony,” DeHan implores us not to forget what is really important: “There’s nothing bigger than love / it’s always more than enough / I can’t forget to let it tell my story.”

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