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Bandits on the Run Release ‘Radio’ Ahead of Musikfest

Bandits on the Run release new single, “Radio,” and music video, ahead of Aug. 9 performance at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Bandits on the Run press photo for "Radio" single
Bandits on the Run - Photo Courtesy of the Artist

A cellist taking the late train runs into a busker singing in a New York subway station. No this isn’t the set up to a joke, this is the origin story of indie folk outfit Bandits on the Run. The trio formed completely out of chance, and they have been changing each other’s lives since then.

Composed of  Adrian Enscoe, Sydney Shepherd, and Regina Strayhorn, the trio have been together since childhood and their college years. They recently released an enticing track titled, “Radio.”

“Radio” is the manifestation of Shepard’s deepest anxieties and fears pertaining to the world around them. The track was written during a time where things were uncertain in Shepherd’s life. She dealt with a great deal of disassociation and anxiety because of this uncertainty, and the lyrics just bubbled up inside her.

“Many songwriters talk about songwriting as therapy, and I suppose that’s true in this case, though it felt a bit more like expelling demons,” Shepherd explained.

The record is a narrow, quick passed indie folk snapper that easily conveys the anxieties Shepherd experienced. The track was released with an accompanying music video that plays heavily into the themes of anxiety and claustrophobia of a child.  The video is shot in a narrow room painted in the style of a child’s bedroom. Different things are happening around the child, and it feels as though the walls are closing in on the family as the scenes continue to shift.

“Sometimes it’s hard to fully understand all the scary stuff that’s facing us out in the real world when we’re getting it through a limited perspective — whether it’s through the tiny window in your room, a broadcast on the radio, or the distorted visions of the world we see reflected in our phones — like the one you will probably use to watch this video. This piece is a rumination on the nature of that mystery,” the band stated.

Catch Bandits on the Run during a free Musikfest show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on August 9.

“Radio” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Contributing writer Kaiana Lee smiles for the camera wearing a paisley shirt and blue jeans.

Kaiana Lee

Kaiana Lee is a Journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She has always had a passion for music and loves blending that passion with her love for storytelling. She loves going to DIY shows and practicing bass guitar.

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