BAMM Concert featuring Tommy Tutone

BAMM (Beach Art Music and Mentoring) welcomes the return of Tommy “867-5309” Tutone as he and his band headline the 2019 Benefit Concert, Saturday, May 25, at the Colonial Beach Community Center. Beer/Wine, food trucks, kids activities, games, corn hole and more.

The Third Annual Benefit Concert is a FREE fun day, including a special silent-auction-style-raffle with locally donated high end items. Each item will be laid out with its own tip jar for ticket purchases. Purchasers of tickets can purchase as many raffle tickets as they like and place their tickets in various jars representing what they would like to win. Ticket purchasers can put all their tickets in one tip jar or distribute them among many jars.

BAMM is currently working with the art teacher in the high school on a project in which her students are going to paint mailboxes with various beach themes. The mailboxes are being purchased with the funds BAMM gave the school. When these mailboxes are finished, BAMM will auction them off at the benefit concert in May.

BAMM is a non profit group established in 2017. The groups sole mission is to enhance the learning experience of the youth of Colonial Beach. BAMM is a more specific group belonging to the Colonial Beach Community Foundation.


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