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Baltimore Native Akilah Divine Drops New Video, “Tribe”

Akilah Divine of Baltimore, MD. One of many talents; singer, spoken word artist, rapper, actress, model, and college graduate working consistently to fulfill her purpose. She aims to be an experience that resonates with people and to give them something they can connect with and feel. 


Akilah developed her love for music as early as the age of 5. Thinking back when she would literally use any object she can grab as a microphone. She would sing inside the house for hours at a time. Akilah noticed then that music was something she was extremely passionate about. She used her thoughts and feelings to help her deliver messages to people of all walks of life. Her ultimate goal is to use her music platform to lead, teach, & inspire both women and men across the world. While handling a hectic school and work schedule, Akilah was able to accomplish something many people in her city aren’t able to do.

Her newest track is called, “Tribe” and it an incredible message behind the song. Nina Simone once said “it’s an artists’ duty to reflect the times.” Akilah Divine’s music visual, “TRIBE” (directed by Maceo Tendaji/produced by All In House) does exactly that. The plight of African-Americans has been historically broadcasted on news outlets around the world, so much so, that it has become desensitized and merely entertainment for the masses. But Ms. Divine has a message, she says, “Don’t you fall asleep now, you better stay woke!” The powerful imagery and lyrics are just what is needed during these times where the social/political climate seems to be ascending daily.


The song has a hook that some an incredible amount of soul in the vocals, while the verse has some hard hitting 808’s that are paired with some of the best vocal flow’s we’ve heard in a while from Akilah. We love everything about this track, and the video. Check out the video below.


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