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badmonsham Says Their Ain’t No “Doubt in my Mind”

The Alchemist

badmonsham is an artist that has really been catching our attention recently. He is from Davenport, FL – a small town that plays a large role in his music. Since he was very young, poetry and lyricism have played a very large role in Sham’s life. Starting his music career in high school, he combined his love for words with his newfound ability to perform, and launched a trajectory that eventually led him to working with the likes of BabyJake, and moving to LA to pursue his dreams. He only has 3 songs out, but has over 200,000 streams just on those 3 songs.


His newest track is called, “Doubt in my Mind” and we are huge fans. It begins with a synth melody that very easily will get caught in your head. The hook rings, “Ain’t no doubt in my mind” over and over again as it meshes with the synth to create a climax portion of the track. The song has a calming, yet motivational feel to it that could be great for moments in the listener’s life when there is a need to focus. Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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