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Ay Wing Releases “Velvet Room”

by The Alchemist

Ay Wing is a berlin based producer and songwriter. She is very committed to making sure that her “beat-driven fluorescent Neosoulpop is exactly as she wants.” Primarily she wants so that her audience dance and her listeners are entranced in her music. She uses retro synths, rhythmic guitars, and booming drums to draw in the listener to exactly what they want.

Her latest release is called, “Velvet Room” and it brings to light how everyone goes through a point of their life where they rediscover their identity after becoming too intertwined in someone else’s. If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you have felt like you became too much like your “other half” and things went South, this is a great song to inspire you to change. Produced by her longtime co-writer Flaxx and musician Keymer the track is influenced by jazz, indie,future R’n’B and pop music. The “Velvet Room” is where we are left; a sacred sanctuary for creativity and solace, a space for oneself where we can re-recent ourselves and find clarity. Everyone needs to find their, “Velvet Room” at some point. Take a listen below  and find out more about Ay Wing here:

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