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Stay Afloat with Soft Punch — Above Water

Soft Punch - Above Water album art: A painting of a pond and two dogs embracing overlaying it, one wearing green pants.

Soft Punch, aka Rye Thomas, of Washington D.C. released his debut album, Above Water on September 15th, after years of working on it.
The album is a labor of love that Soft Punch, the stage name of Rye Thomas, has been working on for years since the diagnosis of his chronic illness. It takes you through the highs and lows, mourning the freedom lost, and celebrating the things that he is grateful for in his day to day life. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about his process of writing the album.

The titles of albums are the first thing that an artist sees. That, and the artist’s name. When I first heard the name ‘Soft Punch’, I was intrigued. It was gentle but intentional. “I don’t know if I had a specific ‘A-ha, Lightbulb’ moment, but I was interested in words that sound good together and have multiple meanings,” Thomas said. “It’s a gentle hit, and a nonalcoholic punch. It’s the image of something harsh and something soft is interesting to me. I think I lucked out.”

Vakili Band Drops The Intrinsically Organic “Honey”

A black and white image of Vakili Band, standing behind a light flare.

On September 8th, Vakili Band released their third album, Honey. The album is a raw look at human sensuality, and all the messiness that surrounds it. It’s a forceful 9-track album that leaves the listener thrumming with the energy of the band. I had the opportunity to sit with the front-woman of the band, Lily Vakili, to discuss the album with her. 
The album is filled with the nostalgic tropes of rock music that Janis Joplin, Patti Smith and Joan Jett planted into my childhood. There’s been a lot of newer music coming out that have these classic sounds to it. “I draw from a lot of different inspirations,” Vakili starts, “and sometimes it’s where the band is at. And this is where we got to for this album, this feeling we want to generate. We’re hitting on that drum, bass, guitar, and we’re, uh, we’re having a blast with it! So you know, I’m happy if that’s coming through, that’s great.” 

John Lynch Releases New EP ‘1922’

A photo of John Lynch performing on stage, holding a guitar and sitting on a stool. He is lit by green lights.

Recent Articles On August 4th, John Lynch released his new EP, 1922. The six songs are an ode to Irish culture and history, and the people behind it. The songs are stripped raw, giving way to the stories they are trying to tell. John Lynch, photo credit: Ben Kelly It starts off with ‘Guardians’ by […]

Shirlé Hale Drops First Solo Single ‘Lullaby’

Shirlé Hale looking down on a bright, yellow background. In the top right corner is Shirlé Hale in black cursive, and a Lullaby right below that in red cursive lettering.

More to Watch Shirlé Hale starts her solo career with the release of ‘Lullaby’, the premiere single from her debut solo album, The Silver Garden. Lullaby album art, courtesy of Shirlé Hale The formerly Baltimore based, now Portugal based artist has spent years in the music industry, first entering the scene in the mid-80s. After […]

Maggie Cubillos Tredges Onward With ‘Slow Motion’

Maggie Cubillos on a beach facing away from the camera and looking into the sky, with 'Slow Motion' written in peach text on the bottom of the image.

Recent Articles Blossoming artist Maggie Cubillos releases her second single ‘Slow Motion.’ ‘Slow Motion’ album art – Photo courtesy of Maggie Cubillos Maggie Cubillos, a senior at Berklee College of Music, is finishing up one chapter of her life. For many people, early adulthood brings so many growing pains. A lot of people experience their […]

Tessa Elaina Celebrates New EP Both of Us —  August 5th Show

a blue background with pink texts that says "Tessas Elaina & Lea Holz EP Release Show" at the top, a centered photo of the EP album cover, and a circled image of Lea Holz, and a quote that says "Performance, story telling, guided mind-body experience" in pink at the bottom.

Following the release of her debut EP, The Both of Us, Tessa Elaina gets ready to perform at Arts Herndon on August 5th. Tessa Elaina – Aug 5 EP Release Show Poster On July 26th, Tessa Elaina released her debut EP The Both of Us for the public to hear. However, the tracks themselves were […]

Now After Nothing Takes on The Cure with “All I Want”

A fractured, green-tinited image of a face that says Now After Nothing in the top left corner, and All I Want in the bottom right corner.

Recent Articles Now After Nothing, composed of vocalist Matt Spatial and drummer Michael Allen, release their take on the iconic track by The Cure. Now After Nothing “All I Want” album art The cover is a refreshing take on the song, layering the heavy guitar and dreamy vocals with a modern dose of synth. This […]

ION Empowers Himself with ‘Xeno’

ION sitting in a green field against a blue sky

Recent Articles Jon Sadiku, who performs under the name ION, released “Xeno” on July 14th. The title of the track invokes the image of everything different. Jon Sadiku, aka ION. Photography by Akeel Karim “I use the word ‘Xeno’ in this song as a metaphorical expression for our individual quirks. We each have our own […]

Catch a Case of Disco Fever at Signature Theatre

A black and white photo of Donna Summers is on a purple gradient and polka dot background with white text that says "DISCO FEVER"

Signature Theatre is bringing back the 70s with this disco-inspired cabaret. Disco Fever at Signature Theatre! Art provided by Signature Theatre Put on your bell bottoms and adjust those tube tops, it’s time to head over to Signature Theatre for their newest cabaret. Disco Fever is a celebration of, well, the music of disco. Under […]

Dance Along at ZAPATEO

Zapateo festival flier

The ZAPATEO festival brings music back to Earth with a camping extravaganza. ZAPATEO festival performer lineup – Image from When you look up the word zapateo, the first few results are videos of people dancing. They dance in a way that uses their body, their feet, as percussion. It loudly claims the dancer’s control […]