Chris Beland Brings Hopefulness in the Darkness with New Single “Tunnel”

Chris Beland "Tunnel" Single Album Art

Recent Articles California-native, Chris Beland is swinging with a new single “Tunnel” from brand new LP “What I Believe”, released on September 16.  Citing inspiration from Bob Dylan, Andrew Bird, and Neil Young, Beland’s own hardships have informed his approach to writing songs; the singer-songwriter has experienced homelessness, being a single step-dad to finding true […]

Nate Amor Explores Grief in New Single “Lose This Way”

Nate Amor "Lose This Way" Album Art

Recent Articles Los Angeles-based singer songwriter, Nate Amor, takes a softer route with his new single, “Lose This Way”. This is pop-rock artist’s second single following his debut single: “Ain’t Hitting Me Yet”.  As a child, Nate Amor grew up in Minneapolis listening to all things Rock ‘n Roll Americana; his first time performing was […]

Cinema Stereo: ‘We Just Make The Music That Excites Us’

Cinema Stereo - Press Photo

Most people remember Jumanji: a family-friendly action film featuring the late Robin Williams about a cursed board game that traps its players in a magical and terrifying reality. Like the world of Jumanji, Cinema Stereo is creating a new world through their music. Dive into the world of Orlando-based rockers, Cinema Stereo, with contributing writer, Margaret Adams, as the band releases their debut album; the band’s plentiful and diverse influences, including Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Bowie, and The Doors; and their desire to immerse their audiences in a world full of 80’s-and-70’s-inspired sounds.

lil cat Has A Message For F-Boys in Newest Single “Fuck You Up”

lil cat "Fuck You Up" Album Art

Recent Articles Denmark-based band of songwriters, lil cat has released their new, anti-f boy anthem, “Fuck You Up.” This newest pop-rock single follows the release of lil cat’s sophomore EP, “czech new wave,” and precedes their upcoming debut album.  The duo and couple, known together as lil cat, have been writing and producing songs since […]

WAAX Embraces Losing Control in New Single “No Doz”

WAAX "No Doz" Album Art

Recent Articles Brisbane-based punk band WAAX has recently released their newest single, “No Doz.” The single introduces their new sophomore album, “At Least I’m Free”, which was released on Friday, August 12th.  Before their 2019 debut album, “Big Grief,” WAAX toured and performed throughout Australia; that first album launched a new level of performance, as […]

Teen Mortgage Call For Action in New Single “Tuning In”

Teen Mortgage - Tuning In - Album Art

More to Watch Washington DC-based grunge band Teen Mortgage is back with another grunge-rock record: “Tuning In.” The single asks its listeners to ignore the messages of large corporations and start relying on their own thoughts.  Debuting in 2017, the duo opened for notable bands such as Ron Gallo, Surf Curse, Big Business, Alex Lahey, […]

Lauren Balthrop Wants To “Get Lost” in New Music Video

Lauren Balthrop "Get Lost" Music Video

More to Watch Nashville-based Lauren Balthrop tries to find motivation in the mundane in her new music video for her single, “Get Lost.” The recently released single was the last one of her sophomore album “Things Will be Different.”  Being a Southern girl, Balthrop’s influences range from Neil Young to Joni Mitchell to Django Reinhardt. […]

Jennie Harluk Embraces Nostalgia in “She’s Got You” Music Video

Jennie Harluk "She's Got You" Music Video thumbnail

More to Watch The “girl-next-door” archetype takes a turn in 19-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter Jennie Harluk’s new music video for her single, “She’s Got You.” This is Harluk’s seventh single since her debut in 2021 with “Fire.”  As an RBCxMusic First Up artist, Jennie Harluk has turned heads in the Canadian pop music scene! She has […]

Brandin St. Clair Releases New Hot Girl Anthem with “Kiss My A$$”

Brandin St. Clair "Kiss My A$$" Album Art

More to Watch Washington DC-based Brandin St. Clair is back with the music video for her fourth single, “Kiss My A$$.” At the intersection of funk and pop, “Kiss My A$S” is an ubeat and groovy, no-BS hot girl anthem.  At 16, Brandin started her musical career when she started training as a professional vocalist. […]

Nick Frater Experiments with 60’s and 70’s Musical Trends in New Album “Aerodrome Motel”

Nick Frater "Aerodrome Motel" Album Art

Recent Articles Croydon, England-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Nick Frater, is back with the release of his newest album, “Aerodrome Motel.” This release is Frater’s tenth album since his debut in 2012 with “Throw Money.”  Nick Frater proves himself a veteran in the music industry with his new album. His album “Earworms” was named […]