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Elizabeth Moen: Rocking for a Cause

Elizabeth Moen - "For Arthur" album art depicting a scenic landscape of a farm with a red barn and silver silo tucked away behind a handful of trees.

Recent Articles Elizabeth Moen’s EP ‘For Arthur’ Supports LGBTQ Rights Elizabeth Moen, the Iowa-born musician, drops her self-produced EP titled “For Arthur” on July 28. This EP is a heartfelt tribute to the legendary musician Arthur Russell, who, just like Moen, hailed from a small town in Iowa. Russell made a name for himself in […]

Kronedge of D.C. Release Self-Titled Album Filled with Bangla Rock Songs

Kronedge poses together in front of a stone wall

More to Watch After listening to Kronedge’s self-titled album, which was released on March 3, 2023, we are impressed. They produce Bangla rock songs that transcend multiple genres. Often complex and technical in nature, their songs have garnered accolades from many, which only seemed to have energized and inspired the band even more. Kronedge / […]

Eryn Michel releases hand-crafted debut single “You Say”

Eryn Michel - You Say - Album Art

Recent Articles Join us in welcoming Eryn Michel’s [EH-rin MIH-shel] first release called “You Say” into the world. “You Say” has been a labor of love for Eryn. She channeled her new production skills, learned during the pandemic, into an honest and personal expression of herself through this first single. Eryn takes the listener on […]

Yasmin Williams Is Taking the Stage by Storm

Yasmin Williams

Yasmin Williams is an acoustic guitar maven from Northern Virginia. Her music is a little classical and a little folk but fully and authentically Yasmin. Listening to Yasmin is an experience. She uses the whole range of sounds offered by the acoustic guitar and seamlessly moves from what sounds like a meditative chant to much more percussive element. And don’t forget her brilliant use of harmonics. Join contributing writer Kimberly Shires as she goes behind the scenes with this legend in the making who continues to inspire many.

Amanda Cunningham’s EP Release and Benefit to Support Warrior Music Foundation

Amanda Cunningham "From the Chair"

More to Watch By Kimberly Shires Check out Amanda Cunningham’s benefit and EP release show on October 17, 2021, at Crooked Run Brewery in Sterling, VA. Amanda Cunningham’s debut EP “From the Chair” is just around the corner. Come out to party and help raise money for the Warrior Music Foundation‘s mission to serve active-duty military, veterans, and their […]

Ryan Wright Wishing You a Happy Birthday

Recent Articles By Kimberly Shires Ryan Wright. What can we say? She’s pretty amazing. Ryan just released her latest single, “Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself).” It is currently available worldwide on your favorite streaming platform and was released via Handwritten Records. The song is a sassy, tongue-and-cheek birthday greeting to a cheating ex. The lyrics […]

Amanda Cunningham is Breaking “Patterns”

DC-Area native, Amanda Cunningham has just released her third single called “Pattern” on February 5. “Pattern” was co-written with Miranda Glory, who has had songs cut by Jesse McCartney and pitched her music to Usher as a 2020 contestant on NBC’s “Songland.” 

“Pattern” follows Amanda’s first two singles “Selfish Fool” and “Highlights of Youth”. Amanda’s first two singles are reminiscent of H.E.R. and Alicia Keys and you can clearly hear Amanda’s neo-soul influence. “Patterns” diverges slightly with a more acoustic-pop feel, but her soaring vocals remain strong and soulful. Amanda can definitely sang!

Stephanie Mathias Shows Her “Hero Side”

Stephanie Mathias, of Lake Ridge, Va, has been busy navigating the new realities of 2020, and she is getting it done. Stephanie, who makes a living as a session violinist said, “I lost my career overnight”. At the beginning to lockdown, depression started creeping in. It did not take long before Stephanie pulled up her bootstraps to reclaim back as much of her normal as possible, such as practicing martial arts and working again. Stephanie also created some great new music. The acoustic version of Stephanie’s new single “The Hero Side” was released on September 18 and we can look forward to the fully produced version soon. “The Hero Side” available through her website,

Alexia Christian: Rock’n Facebook from Rockville

Alexia Christian, from Rockville, MD is our own Rocker chick in residence. The 25-year-old grew up in Rockville and has played on the local circuit up until all venue performances came to a screeching halt due to COVID-19. Like many other local musicians, Alexia has also taken to social media to stream her tunes and continue to build an audience. To date, Alexia has released two albums, “Shadows Turn To Reality” and “Nothing 2 Lose”.  She also just released a new single titled ‘100’ on April 30. Check it out