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LAV.ISH is Living in Our Heads ‘Rent Free’

LAV.ISH - Rent Free - album art - A "last supper" style dining room with four people sitting around a table. Sunlight comes in through a rear window.

Recent Articles LAV.ISH’s newest studio album is sweet, melodic, and smooth. Based out of Los Angeles, California, LAV.ISH is Nim, Carl, Lucas, and Brandon. Carl and Nim are vocalists, while Lucas and Brandon are producers. LAV.ISH was formed in 2017, and has been consistently producing music since; they have three albums to date. “Please don’t […]

Grimalkin Records is Standing Up for Marginalized Voices in the Music Industry

Spartan Jex-Plex - Profile Crop

Grim Kells is an innovator. Nancy Grim Kells aka Grim makes music under the name Spartan Jet-Plex, as well as being the founder and Facilitator/Executive Director of Grimalkin, a nonprofit organization created “to mentor and support trans and queer musicians, particularly BIPOC and disabled artists, using an artist-centered holistic approach to break down barriers, create new systems and structures of support, and expand the reach of marginalized voices.” Learn more about Grim’s growing reach and impact with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych.

Keep Your Secrets Uses Their Lyrics to Say What Words Can’t

Photo courtesy of Keep Your Secrets

From a YouTube cover channel to their recently released second EP, Keep Your Secrets has been a community effort since its inception. Malerie Gamblin and Matt Nguyen-Ngo started their band as a cover channel. The duo had attended undergrad together at William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA and started the channel in 2020. Malerie sang and Matt played the instruments. Their turning point came in April 2021, however, when musician and influencer Joseph DuBay shouted out their TikTok and funneled thousands of listeners to their page. Learn more about Keep Your Secrets’ journey with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych.

Jennifair Rocks Lovers to Sleep with “The Humming Song”

Jennifair "The Humming Song" album art - an outstretched hand gently extends toward a flying hummingbird

Recent Articles Chicago-based Jennifair’s latest track, “The Humming Song,” is a celebration of love.  Jennifair started making music in 2006, but her solo career didn’t begin until 2019. The same year, she won Amateur night at the Apollo and has opened for legendary artists including DMC, Rah Digga, Roxanne Shante, and Dougie Fresh. To further this […]

The Octobers Love Like “Giallo”

The Octobers sit looking at one another on a park bench.

Recent Articles The Octobers – courtesy of The Octobers The Octobers’ latest album, Giallo, is innovative and creative. Bel Air, Maryland based married couple Gianni and Laina is The Octobers. The pair met in high school, where they bonded over their mutual love of music. This love has created a unique style that draws from […]

Tara Maclean Takes Her Writing From Page to Soundwaves

Tara MacLean laying in a large nest.

More to Watch Tara MacLean – courtesy of Tara MacLean Tara Maclean is a star: in both music and print.  The Canadian singer/songwriter has been an internationally renowned and award-winning recording and touring artist for over 25 years. With six solo albums and two albums with her band, Shaye, Maclean is no stranger to the […]

GLVES Explores Relationships in ‘SHIPS’

GLVS - Ships

Recent Articles GLVES, Alt-Pop First Nations interdisciplinary artist, has released her newest single ‘SHIPS’, a haunting “synth-drenched electronica”. This is her sixth release, all of which have received critical acclaim including Spotify editorial support, appearances on IndigiTUBE First Nations CD Compilation V5, V7 and V9, a Commendation for her song Legacy in the 2022 Queensland […]

CLOUDxCITY Drops Their Anthem For The Lonely Hearts

Cloud City "Better Than Me" Album Art

More to Watch CLOUDxCITY may be an unlikely pairing– an East coast nomad and a West coast poet– but their sound couldn’t be more cohesive.  The energetic Enjel (singer/songwriter/producer) and enigmatic TAS (producer/DJ/songwriter) came together in late 2019. Before this, however, Enjel spent years “bouncing from city to city working different music industry jobs”, with […]

Perro Sombra: “We want to… strengthen the local scene” with the DMV Music Alliance

Perro Sombra walking toward us in black & white

Among the performers at the DMV Music Alliance’s upcoming benefit concert is Perro Sombra, or “Shadow Dog” in Spanish, a Latin rock band.

Daniel Gomez covers lead vocals and guitar, and Francisco Foschi and Lula Neira are bass. Gomez and Foschi are both multi-instrumentalists, even sometimes swapping bass and guitar on stage.

According to the band, “Francisco’s first instrument was the drums, and he was “forced” to change instruments because his neighbors kept calling the police on him.”

DJ O Show: ‘The Story I Am Telling… Rarely Gets Told’

DJ O Show - Photo by Belle Ancell

DJ O Show, also known as Orene Askew, has been in the music game for over 15 years. Her professional musical roots are in DJ-ing, but she recently entered the hip-hop game with the release of her first single. Askew’s passion and driving force in music comes from her being an Afro-Indigenous, Two-Spirit female, and former member of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation. In honor of Native American Heritage Month, learn more about Askew’s story with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych, including her influences, why she believes it’s important to acknowledge intersections, and the tragic event early in her career that gave her a renewed perspective on life.