SeepeopleS Capture the Human Experience in New Single “Shame”

SeepeopleS "Shame" music video thumbnail

More to Watch The animated music video for SeepeopleS’s newest single, “Shame”, is a must-watch. This follow up to their video “New American Dream”, also animated by Pete List (Celebrity Death Match, MTV), portrays a child experiencing the emotions that one can relate to all too well, like feeling like an outsider, entering an imaginable […]

Space Nat Revisits Sweet and Salty Memories in “Fish Tacos”

Space Nat "Fish Tacos" album art

Recent Articles Indie pop artist Space Nat’s new song “Fish Tacos” is just as raw and beautiful as the moments she sings of, which unfortunately also remind us that life can change and make us wish we could freeze time.  “Fish Tacos” is “a song that captures an instance, painting a picture of bliss turning […]

Love is Bittersweet in “Lemon Tart” by dilip

dilip "Lemon Tart" Album Art

Recent Articles Love is complicated, and what better of a way to contemplate its complexities than finding a new relatable indie pop track about a relationship? In “Lemon Tart”, the new track from singer-songwriter dilip, he understands how to put these difficult feelings into words.  dilip is rapidly building momentum this year after two sold-out […]

Indie Italian Group Eugenia Post Meridiem Demonstrates Their “willpower”

still from "willpower" music video - Eugenia Post Meridiem

More to Watch Four piece Italian indie band Eugenia Post Meridiem have returned with their first triumphant single and video “willpower”, taken from their upcoming sophomore album like i need tension. One of Rolling Stone Italia’s twenty Italian musical promises for 2020,”willpower” marks the quartet’s first release this 2022 after 2021’s double single release “LIFE […]

BG the Boy Genius Exudes Confidence in New Song, “I Knew You When”

BG the Boy Genius - "I Knew You When"

Recent Articles Emma Page on BG the Boy Genius Hip-hop artist BG the Boy Genius is on the come up, and with fame comes people pretending they’re closer to you than they really are. This phenomenon and the confidence that comes along with his new life that he has made for himself is the basis […]

Lukka Releases Bright New Single, “People of Light”

Lukka - "People of Light" cover art

Recent Articles Lukka, the brainchild of German-born, New York City-based artist Franzi Szymkowiak, recently released her latest single, “People of Light”, from her sophomore album, Something Human which came out on August 26.  “Writing songs is for me, in a way, a very spiritual process,” Szymkowiak explained. “Music brings me to a place where I […]

Anarbor Releases Fourth Studio Album, “Love & Drugs”

Anarbor - "Love & Drugs" album art

Recent Articles Phoenix-based alternative rock band Anarbor’s newest album, Love & Drugs, showcases an evolution of a band in their (almost 20) years together. This fourth studio album via ONErpm marks a new chapter for the band, one that lead singer Slade Echeverria and guitarist Danny Stravers have truly dedicated themselves to crafting. Through relentless […]