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Matthew Lowry — Parallel Alt Rock Universe “Flamingo County”

Matthew Lowry - "Flamingo County" album art depicting a "last supper scenerio" with people behind a picnic table covered in corn, an inebriated individual at their feet, and two individuals fighting on the left.

More to Watch Matthew Lowry’s “Flamingo County” was released on Sep. 15, 2023. Matthew Lowry “Flamingo County” album art Lowry’s project is filled with a signature rock sound, “Blending the driving rock influence of Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World with the songwriting of Elton John, Queen, and Ben Folds, Lowry has positioned himself to […]

Richmond Rapper Johnny Ciggs Gets Deep — New Album Grace St

Johnny Ciggs — Grace St. — Album art depicting a hand drawn style of artwork depicting Johnny Ciggs on the left, in front of a row of townhomes. The windows are lit revealing risqué things. happening in the windows.

Recent Articles Grace St. was released on August 1, 2023. Johnny Ciggs, a hip-hop/rap artist from Richmond, VA, exudes vulnerability in his newest album, filled with his experiences over a “Real crazy few years living on Grace St.,” he says, “Reminiscing … Richmond, VA is a lot different than it was back then, so it […]

DMV Rapper Pink Moni Drops “Make It Makes Sense”

Pink Moni - M.I.M.S. song artwork featuring the artist headshot alongside photos of the artist floating on a pink inflatable raft.

More to Watch Wammie-award-winning DMV rapper/artist/dancer Nia Monaé, also known as Pink Moni, has released her new single “Make It Make Sense,” or “M.I.M.S.,” inspired by the group of the same name; the song sample’s M.I.M.S.’s “This Is Why I’m Hot.” Pink Moni – M.I.M.S. song artwork. Courtesy of Nia Monaé Pink Moni has made […]

SISTERS: Debut Album “Leecheater” is “A Tour-De-Force”

Jason Blackmore and Mario Quintero of Sisters

Recent Articles “A Tour-De-Force of Heavy, Atmospheric Rock” Jason Blackmore (guitar, bass, vox) from Molly McGuire and Mario Quintero (drums, guitar, vox) from Spotlights have combined forces with their new band SISTERS, whose debut album Leecheater was released on Aug. 25. Jason Blackmore (left) and Mario Quintero (right) of Sisters, Photo by Chad Kelco SISTERS […]

NAYAS Headlining Distrito Music Fest on Aug. 26

NAYAS promotinal graphic with members of the band

The headliner of this year’s Distrito Music Fest at Union Stage on Aug. 26 is NAYAS (”Nayas”), the iconic DMV band from the early 2000’s that are reuniting for DMF with plans of picking up where they left off! Alchemical caught up with Joey Carrasquillo, vocalist and percussionist for the band. 
NAYAS consists of Carrasquillo (backup vocals/percussions), Luis Torrealva (lead vocals/bass guitar), Soy Lopez (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Carlos Romero (backup vocals/lead guitar), Scott Schoem (keyboards), and Joey Rossetti (drums). Carrasquillo particularly joined the band in 2004. “We were consistently playing gigs probably from 2004 all the way to 2013 on a regular basis,” he says. “Bossa in Adams Morgan … We played there every single weekend and with bigger gigs, we headlined on so many other occasions and things of that nature.” He continues, “Between 2013 and 2019 we did gigs here and there, but it wasn’t frequent at all. But in 2019 we decided to do an official reunion gig, and we did that with a couple other bands.” After the reunion, he says they tried to come back, but then COVID came.

Nora Kelly Band Advances Rodeo Clown LP with “Horse Girl”

Rodeo Clown album art

More to Watch Nora Kelly Band delivers an exciting signature alt-country sound, as heard in their new single “Horse Girl”. This song and its accompanying music video were released in anticipation of their new album Rodeo Clown, out Aug 25. “Rodeo Clown” album art This fun track places a spin on old-school country and is […]

Meet Three Artists Performing at Distrito Music Fest Aug. 26

[Distrito Music Festival 2023 promotional flyer

Distrito Music Fest (DMF) is an event in the DMV area that “is the premier annual Hispanic American music festival in the nation’s capital, showcasing the best regional, national, and international acts in celebration of Hispanic heritage and cultural Diversity.” This year, it will be held at Union Stage on Saturday, Aug. 26.

Alchemical Records caught with three members of the festival’s highly anticipated lineup in this previous article, and wanted to catch up with three more as DMF Week approaches.
“Bongo District is one of the hardest working bands in the DMV, showcasing a fusion of sounds as reflected in their multinational lineup,” says Distrito founder Daniel Gomez. Pedro Alfaro is the group’s bass player and one of its singers who is from El Salvador and moved here in 2015. He has been a musician since he was about 13 years old. “I started looking for people that would play the music that I was playing,” he explains.

New EP by JayWood with Single “Dirk Gently (Know Yourself)”

Still of JayWood in music video, laying on grass looking up at sky next to bike

More to Watch New EP ‘Grow On’ Released on August 11. JayWood (Jeremy Haywood-Smith) has released his EP Grow On, as well as the video for its summery lead single “Dirk Gently (Know Yourself).” JayWood – Photo by Min Soo Park Grow On, released Aug. 11 via Captured Tracks, showcases the Canadian songwriter and producer’s […]

Distrito Music Fest Kicking Off at Union Stage Aug. 26

a band onstage at Distrito Music Fest 2022

Distrito Music Fest (DMF) is a yearly event in the DMV area that “is the premier annual Hispanic American music festival in the nation’s capital, showcasing the best regional, national, and international acts in celebration of Hispanic heritage and cultural Diversity.” This year, it will be held at Union Stage on Saturday, Aug. 26.
“DMF has been around for three years and came out of necessity to offer a platform for Hispanic-American original music, which has slowly eroded over the last decade. DMF is also a philanthropic effort conceived by artists, for artists, and is all about providing exposure for this community in a dignified manner,” says founder/director Daniel Gomez.

Everyone from performers to attendees are excited to come together and celebrate the city’s musical diversity, as well as the multitude of cultures that make up Hispanic heritage and its music. “DMF has an open-application process, meaning anyone can apply so long as they meet our criteria which is; being Hispanic or of Hispanic heritage, and must have original material,” Gomez says.

Book Lovers Day 2023: Musical Books as Impactful as Music

Children gathered in a circle reading, National Book Lovers Day graphic by National Day Calendar

On this day, people are encouraged to unplug from technology and pick up a book, honoring this beloved skill that is an outlet of creativity for so many – both authors and their readers. Bibliophiles everywhere may take the day to visit their local library or catch up on their TBR (To Be Read) list. Although this holiday is technically unofficial and its origin is unknown, it is widely recognized, celebrating the joy literature can bring.
As an avid bookworm myself, books and music often go hand in hand, whether I am listening to a playlist while reading that matches the vibe, diving into an autobiography by one of my favorite artists or a biography about them, or reading fiction that is centered around music of some sort – and it’s also always fun when a musical reference pops up in a book that seems completely random. I thought about how Alchemical could celebrate Book Lovers Day together and I decided to ask some of our writers about books involving music of any genre that have influenced them in some way, and how its musical aspect enhances the reading experience.