Junior Choir puts listeners on “Pins and Needles”

Junior Choir - Pins and Needs - Album Art

Recent Articles Junior Choir released a dynamic and highly evolving indie pop-rock track called “Pins and Needles” in December 2022. If this is your first exposure to it, it is worth the wait. When the intro begins, “Pins and Needles” reminded me of a certain tonality heard on the Breach album released by The Wallflowers […]

Singer-Songwriter Mark Howard releases dynamic debut album, Passing Strangers

Mark Howard - Passing Strangers - Album Art

More to Watch Mark Howard, a singer-songwriter from Phillip Island, Australia has just released his debut album, Passing Strangers. With a background in theatre, years of experience performing, and being able to place 45 pins into his world map of countries performed, it is tough to believe that Mark Howard only released his solo music […]

Walk The High Road and find a “Brand New You”

The High Road "Brand New You" YouTube Video Thumbnail and Album Art

Recent Articles Canadian country rock band, The High Road has just released its first single of 2023, “Brand New You.” Formed in 2016 by Don Scott and Ron Fathers and joined by Richard Fathers, Dave Martin, and Greg Frank, The High Road released its first EP, Renaissance Man in 2018, but 2022 was the year […]

Unfamiliar Things believe “Most People” are good in new indie-rock single

Unfamiliar Things - Most People - album art

Recent Articles Based in Los Angeles, California, the Los Angeles-based band Unfamiliar Things travels the musical world of contemporary indie music with soothing musical tendencies. Matt Levy’s “unfamiliar,” yet dynamic vocals sit beautifully on top of the band’s most contemporary track to date as Unfamiliar Things launches a new indie-rock single, “Most People.” This single […]

Keep Your Secrets Keep It Real in ‘fake’

Keep Your Secrets "fake." album art

Recent Articles Washington D.C. pop-punk powerhouse, Keep Your Secrets have just released another high-energy track, “fake.” Malerie Gamblin (Lead Vocals), Ken Tilar (Guitar), Jasiu Mich (Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals), Matt Nguyen-Ngo (Drums, Bass, Auxiliary Instruments, Backing Vocals) evolved into a full band in Summer 2021, releasing a number of singles and their debut EP, Let’s […]

Muenster Releases ‘Muenstervision Presents: Ian’, a 17 Track Hip-Hop Gem


Recent Articles Muenster – Courtesy of Muenster Muenster has announced his forthcoming 17-track hip-hop album ‘MuensterVision Presents: Ian’. The album became available for pre-order on December 31, 2022 and will be released on his daughter’s first birthday, March 3, 2023. A key member of multiple musical projects in Texas, Muenster is a versatile wordsmith, polished […]