“Breaking Bones” Shows PHEA at her Strongest

Phea_Healing Heart

Recent Articles Electro-pop cyborg goddess, PHEA, is back with the lead single “Breaking Bones” off her upcoming EP, Healing Heart. Full of gnarly bass-driven synthesizers that transform and distort fantastically, PHEA shows a fearlessness that stems from her experience with having an implanted defibrillator. There’s a natural sense of danger in the way the music […]

Stefano May Highlights Alzheimer’s Research with “Hope It Will Remind You”

Stefano May_Hope It Will Remind You

More to Watch Singer-songwriter, Stefano May, has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) on the tender new single “Hope It Will Remind You”. A nostalgia-inducing music video accompanies the release and pushes the urgent message or remembrance to the forefront with home videos of Stefano’s childhood with he and his father bonding […]

A Troop of Echoes Show Their Grit with Series of Historic Live Recordings

A Troop of Echoes_INFINITE HITS 1

Recent Articles Providence, Rhode Island Natives, A Troop of Echoes have returned after an 8-year break with a new series of mixtapes titled INFINITE HITS which capture some of their most memorable and raw live performances. Known for merging post-punk energy with a post-rock atmosphere, there is a uniquely chaotic nature to A Troop of […]

Family, Music, and Mythology: An Interview with HØVDING

HØVDING - Press Photo

The music industry is full of acts that were born from family ties: from the pop stylings of The Jackson 5 to the grungy sci-fi epics of Chevelle. One of the latest to hit the scene has been HØVDING, a Nashville-based project formed by singer and violinist, Nika Jane, and her father and producer, Geoff Duncan. The duo finds their inspiration from Nordic history and mythology, and you can feel the mystic undercurrent and palpable heartbeat that runs through each of their songs with urgency. Join contributing writer Charlie Maybee, as he sits down with Jane and Duncan to discuss their music catalogue to-date, songwriting influences, and what the future holds for the band.

Ben DeHan Looks Back, Writes Personal Letter to Himself with ‘Broken Bones’

Ben DeHan - Sized for Thumbnail

There are times when a band’s songwriter comes up with music so personal, it defies categorization to the point that it doesn’t quite fit under the band’s moniker. This is the way Ben DeHan, approaches all of his songwriting, and it’s the reason that he releases music under his own name. After a stretch playing with American Diary and a subsequent hiatus, DeHan returned with a newfound energy as a solo artist. Since then, he and his wife, collaborator and cellist, Lauren have worked hard to establish the authenticity and versatility of their pop-punk act. Learn more about the duo’s journey and new EP with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

Magic and Loss are Abundant in “Disappearing Act” by Angela Sclafani

Angela Sclafani - Disappearing Act

Recent Articles New York City-based singer-songwriter and daring creator of musical personas, Angela Sclafani, unveils her latest character from her upcoming album, SONGS OF OTHER SELVES, with the new single “Disappearing Act”. An ode to the classic magician’s trick, the song brings an endearing charm in the form of whimsical melodies that skate gracefully overtop […]

Forty Feet Tall! Says “We Can’t Go Back To Normal”

Forty Feet Tall - "We Can't Go Back To Normal"

Recent Articles There’s a punk energy seething from the teeth of the Portland-based indie rocker’s, Forty Feet Tall’s, latest single “We Can’t Go Back To Normal” that is utterly intoxicating. The relentless chanting of the song’s namesake, in particular, makes a perfect mantra as we find ourselves knee deep in the new year. It’s the […]

julianne Keeps on Keeping On with New Single “path i choose”

Julianne - Path I Choose

Recent Articles Hybrid-pop songstress, julianne, is moving on with her latest single “path i choose”. At once introspective and bursting at the seams, it’s the kind of track that rises from the ashes with the resilient mindset of a phoenix. The song balances its more electronic foundations with the electric sheen of guitar octaves that […]

Birds of Bellwoods “Firsts” and “Figure It Out” Precede Feb 10 Album Release

Birds of Bellwoods_Firsts Over and Over Again

Recent Articles Toronto-based alternative rockers, Birds of Bellwoods, have released their new single “Firsts (Over and Over Again)” after it’s official premiere on the ABC hit drama “The Rookie” this past October. The single, precedes “Figure It Out” which acts as the final preview of their upcoming sophomore album, Everything You Want. With a gently […]

Elly Kace Marches into the Ether with “Disappear”

Elly Kace - Disappear - Album Art

Recent Articles There is a vague, but electrically charged negative space in Elly Kace’s new single “Disappear” which foreshadows the release of her upcoming album, Object Permanence, as the ethereal opening track. Mixing a more cinematic, or even operatic approach to time and energy with a pop sensibility, she shows off something wild and strange […]