Plasticine Dazzles with New Single “Psy Clone”

Plasticine "Psy Clone" Press Photo

Recent Articles As Plasticine prepares for the release of their new album, The Most Beautiful Skies, the fusion band has released their second leading single “Psy Clone” which paints a lovely tapestry of cultural influences swirling into each other. Combining elements of prog rock, afro-beats, along with Latin and Asian influences, the band covers an […]

The Best Around Bring the Fun with Break Up Anthem “Kissing Your Ass”

The Best Around_Kissing Your Ass

Recent Articles The indie rockers known as The Best Around channel their best Beck impressions with their new single “Kissing Your Ass”. With some weird, but compelling sounds vibrating against a steady backbeat, there’s something lively that comes through each note as uniquely individualized and genre-defying. Driven primarily by the drums and bass, the guitar […]

Ne’er-do-well Paves His Own Path with “Fun Days”

Ne're-do-well "Fun Days" Press Photo

Recent Articles Austin, Texas based musician, Bryan Rolli (aka Ne’er-do-well), shows that he’s ready to go solo with his debut EP Fun Days. After a decade of making his way through a variety of local bands, he realized that he wouldn’t feel fulfilled until he made his own way. With the leading single “Compromise”, he […]

Headstones Tear Through Their New Single “Psychotropic”

Headstones "PSYCHOTROPIC" Press Photo

More to Watch Canadian punk band, Headstones, puts the pedal to the metal in the new music video for “Psychotropic”. With unrelenting power chords and an intense charisma, there’s plenty to love about this new single as it steamrolls everything in its path. Mixing the speeds of hardcore with the nonchalant theatrics of Devo, Headstones […]

Gordon Sterling Speaks on Truth, Perception, and Manifesting Dreams

Gordon Sterling - Press Photo

“I had a dream one night when I was 15,” DMV-based guitarist and singer Gordon Sterling recalls, “that I should start playing music because I would be part of a movement that would remind people of a side of themselves that they had forgotten.” A young, eager Sterling got himself a guitar the very next day and started playing everything he heard, gravitating toward blues. Jump forward to today, and Gordon Sterling and the People, the musician’s band, has found its drive deep in political and philosophical thoughts about race and truth inspired by Sterling’s identity as a Black man. Learn more about Sterling’s empowering mission as a creative with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

Atroxity Gets “Super High” with New Single

Atroxity_Super High

Recent Articles The Oslo, Norway based piano man known as Atroxity brings a mix of Elton John style balladry with the theatrical melodies of David Bowie in his latest single “Super High (The Signs Are In The Sky)”.  By all accounts, the song is bare bones as it’s driven primarily the piano and vocals with […]

Skot the Idea Shows Off Swagger and Flow in “When the Tune Hit”

Skot the Idea_When the Tune Hit

Recent Articles Maryland based rapper, Skot the Idea, channels some southern rap influence from the likes of Outkast for his latest single “When the Tune Hit”. Featured on a new EP titled 3 to Thrive Through, this song acts as the closer feeling both reflective and joyful. From the opening notes, you can feel the […]

Angela Sclafani Devises and Thoughtful Meet Cute in “How We Meet”

Angela Sclafani_How We Meet

Recent Articles New York City based singer-songwriter, Angela Sclafani, is moving towards the release of her first full-length album, SONGS OF OTHER SELVES, with the leading roadmap single “How We Meet”. Described as a “sonic journey through the playful world of her inner child and past personas”, this first single feels like an introduction to […]

Remote Control Struggles to Breath in “Anaphylaxis” of Current Events

Remote Control_Anaphylaxis

Recent Articles Richmond based indie rock band, Remote Control, try to synthesize overlapping global crises in their latest EP titled Anaphylaxis. As the first of two digital EPs, it grapples with a growing sense of tension and strain when it comes to environmental issues, political upheaval, and a shift in the social fabric brought on […]

Ariel Bui Has Something to Say with “Sixteen”

Ariel Bui "Sixteen" Album Art

Recent Articles Nashville based singer-songwriter, Ariel Bui, digs into the darker channels of the music industry’s fascination with sexualizing teen girls in her new song “Sixteen”. Combining all the rockabilly and psychedelic influences we’ve come to expect, she manages something powerful that will surely get us ready for her upcoming album Real & Fantasy. Bui […]