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Atreyu Releases “The Hope of A Spark” EP and New Music Video “Watch Me Burn”

Atreyu releases “The Hope of a Spark” EP via Spinefarm, along with a music video for new single “Watch Me Burn.”

Atreyu band members gather together at night for a group photo wearing black.
Atreyu / photo courtesy of Dennis Larance

With the release of “Drowning” earlier this year, Atreyu properly primed and pumped fans for the release of their new EP, “The Hope of a Spark,” available now on all major platforms. The four song EP contains the lead single, as well as “God/Devil,” “Capital F,” and the band’s latest single and music video directed by Aaran McKenzie, “Watch Me Burn.”

“To me, it’s a song about being cleansed by fire,” explains bassist, Porter McKnight. “Whatever it is that’s bringing you down and holding you back, burn it down. Use it, learn from it, move on, and grow. That thing does not deserve you and you don’t deserve it.”

Don’t let the understated intro fool you. “Watch Me Burn” is filled with heavy distorted down-tuned chords, and, combined with frontman, Brandon Saller’s anthemic vocal performance, the track leaves listeners with the impression that fire could never harm them. Although as you see in the video, our performers aren’t quite so lucky, as the band takes a tongue in cheek approach to some of the obstacles they’ve overcome through the years by showing off some of their battle scars. Symphonic elements smelt with hard rock, metal, and pop, into a single high energy track you’re sure to find inspirational if your a fan of getting heavy.

Produced by long-time collaborator John Feldmann, “[‘The Hope of A Spark’] are the culmination of our entire artistic endeavors,” bassist Marc “Porter” McKnight attests. “It’s everything we’ve learned as humans, everything we’ve ingested as musicians, and everything we’ve experienced in this lifetime. It is ATREYU unleashed.”

“The overarching concept is essentially about the seasons of life,”  Brandon Saller explains. “Everyone goes through the same things, the ups, and downs of life. The emphasis really is the importance of at least respecting those, and finding the positives and the lessons from even your lowest moments.”

Find “Watch Me Burn” on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

Atreyu will kick off The Hope of a Spark headlining tour on April 27, but DMV metal fans will have to wait for the band to bring the tour to the D.C. area. Sharing dates with Kayzo and Point North, the 20 show tour begins in Sacramento and ends in Denver. For now, leaving East Coast fans watching from afar.

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