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Arena Stage Presents the Hilarious POTUS

The funniest show around has finally found its way to D.C.

A graphic illustration of the women of POTUS trying to keep together the Oval Office.
Official POTUS Artwork. Illustration by Loveis Wise, Courtessy of Arena Stage.

The production of Selina Fillinger’s chaotic play, POTUS, is running through November 12th at Arena Stage. I had the privilege and honor to get invited to opening night. And what a privilege it was.

Never before have I seen an audience burst into such uproarious laughter as often as the audience did on opening night. POTUS is about the seven women who are holding up the President as he pretends to run the country. After a serious mistake on the President’s part, the women are scrambling to clean up his mess. The incredible ensemble cast of Naomi Jacobson, Natalya Lynette Rathan, Megan Hill, Felicia Curry, Yesenia Iglesias, and Sarah-Anne Martinez and Kelly McAndrew do an equally outstanding, if not better, job of holding up this production. A perfect balance of slapstick comedy, sharp humor, and poignant moments create a comedic critique of the current political state.

The set, designed by Reid Thompson, emphasized the importance of these women by creating a bare-bones environment that can easily swap out set pieces. Throughout the entire show, the only things that are constant with the set are the suspended model of The White House that reflects how turbulent the plot of the show is, and the presidential coat of arms underneath them. While the President himself is never physically present, he is constantly felt by these women.

The script itself is incredibly fast-paced and witty. Full of pop-culture and political references that cement itself as a topical discussion point that makes it a must-see for our area. Standing on the steps of The White House, the show’s punch lands that much harder. Please do yourself a favor, and see POTUS.

Get tickets to the show here.

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Percy Sampson

Percy Sampson, New Orleans born and Virginia bred, is finishing up their time at University of Mary Washington, where they are double majoring in English and Theatre. A passionate writer, they spend most of their free time working on (mostly horror) scripts and short stories.

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