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Apollo The Realist Reflects on the Passage of Time in “Silent Shadows”

In “Silent Shadows”, Californian rapper Apollo The Realist explores themes of depression, self-isolation, and prosperity.

"Blood Moon" - Apollo The Realist album art featuring a cartoon depiction of the artist looking at their reflection.

In “Silent Shadows”, Californian rapper Apollo The Realist explores themes of depression, self-isolation, and prosperity while looking back and picking at old scabs in search of forgiveness for his actions in the past.

“Living in the past is just dying in the present / Time is precious, but it’s also a weapon” is how Apollo The Realist strongly starts off his new song “Silent Shadows”. This charismatic, yet underrated rapper from California calls on vulnerable self-reflection in this track. The song’s production and instrumentation (sad-sounding guitar, violin), paired with Apollo’s steady natural flow hit the song home. 

He asks to be pardoned from not being 100% present, as struggling to face every day is a task in itself. He describes constantly staying up late due to his thoughts, drinking through the pain, wishing you could take it away and move forward, while also wishing to go back in time and change things.

Apollo The Realist is influenced by the likes of Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Eminem, Joyner Lucas, Micheal Jackson, and other legendary artists. He is known to draw on his own life experiences to write songs that evoke powerful emotions in listeners. In high school, eager to show people what he’s capable of, he started writing lyrics to beats and posting clips on social media. 

Just two weeks after releasing “What Is Life,” a speeding pick-up truck hit him while he was crossing the street, narrowly escaping death. Spending weeks in the hospital undergoing physical therapy while enduring pain and trauma, he found hope in music and was inspired to relay his story of pain, disappointment, perseverance and the courage it takes to overcome adversity on his track “Who I Used To Be” before he abruptly disappeared from the music scene. 

After a seven-year hiatus, Apollo The Realist is back with his debut EP, Blood Moon, released April 7th. The album covers a variety of topics, including mental health, work and financial difficulties, the COVID-19 pandemic plus the fear it inspired, and a series of incidents that forever changed Apollo’s life.

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Alchemical Records contributor Emma Page

Emma Page

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