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Apashe and Wasiu Collaborate on the Epic “Human”

The dynamic duo reunites on Apashe's latest single preceding his newest album, Antagonist. The song comes with an iconic and cinematic music video.

A black statue of a man riding a horse with gold veins running throughout. APASHE, HUMAN, and WASIU are written in gold font in the top right corner.
Apashe - Human - album art.

Apashe and Wasiu have previously collaborated on the tracks “Majesty”, “Legend”, and “The Landing.” Now, they are back with the introspective piece, “Human.” The song battles with battling ideas of morality, with the hook of the song repeating “Am I an angel or a devil/ I’m only human so I guess both.” The song goes further to emphasize the demonization of basic humanity. Wasiu is antagonizing himself in the lyrics over the dark, orchestral and electronic fusion that Apashe sets up. 

The song debuted with a cinematic video that sees the two of them embark on an epic space odyssey. At the beginning of the video, the duo is celebrating their rise to superstardom. Their fame takes them to new heights, both figuratively and literally. When their accolades on Earth aren’t enough anymore, they take off in a ship to outer space. Then, like Icarus, their rocket crashes on a desolate planet. The stress of the loss of adoration leads Apashe to betrayal, and an eventual revenge act from Wasiu. The video highlights the morality struggle of the song, and in the end it leaves you wondering if the excuse of humanity is a good one for villainy.
Apashe is taking Wasiu and the Brass orchestra on a North American tour to celebrate the upcoming album drop. While the album has yet to have a release date, the tour started on October 7th in Denver. The tour will be stopping in DC at Echostage on November 18th.

“Human” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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