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Amanda Brown is Absolutely “Amazing” in Her New Single

Amanda Brown sings on the spirit of freedom and experiencing the happiness of life in new single, “Amazing” a with skydiving themed music video.

Amanda Brown and her skydiving instructor in mid flight. A screenshot from her music video for "Amazing"
Amanda Brown - "Amazing" music video screenshot

With an anthemic sound and feel that is sure to uplift you, Amanda Brown perfectly captures a fully amazing experience in the track by that name. The accompanying music video couldn’t possibly be more fitting. You can see the exhilaration and joy in every moment of the video, depicting Amanda going through training and pre-flight checks before taking to the clouds before leaping to the earth with the help of a certified instructor. 

“Amazing” is Puerto Rican/Jamaican Bronx native and former Voice contestant Amanda Brown’s directoral debut, and it’s easy to see why she felt this particular experience was a perfect accompaniment to a track that encourages listeners to find similar moments in every other walk of life. 

Her music video dream team, consisting of stuntman and cinematographer Craig O’Brien (Iron Man, Iron Man 3, Mission: Impossible – Fallout), her friend, photographer and long-time collaborator Emi Morell, and Adam Mason, who helped facilitate all filming at Skydive Perris. Together they expertly “demonstrate the fear and freedom she felt when she decided to leave her hometown of New York City for sunny Los Angeles,” before she realized that “fear was the only thing holding her back from exploring all that life has to offer.”

Find “Amazing” on your favorite platforms and on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on YouTube.

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