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Alexya is “Sick of Love Songs”

Alexya is LA’s new bubbling electro-pop artist that the music scene has been craving. With her pop punk princess attitude, nothing can hold this Latina back and you can see that fire when she performs on stage. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alexya is a singer dancer who started performing at the age 0f 3. Just one evening of watching Janet Jackson’s live concert video with her parents at the age of 5, ignited a life long journey in the music industry. Alexya became a professional dancer at the young age of 13, having been one of the main principals in a ballet company, back up danced for many pop artists, and even started choreographing for her friends who were singers.


While she was taking a dance class at her dance studio in the San Fernando Valley, a manager spotted her talent and asked her to join Master P’s girl group, The Fabulous Girls. Not yet a singer, it was discovered that she can sing “whistle register” like Mariah Carey and lower tones like Toney Braxton. From there her musical journey as a recording artist began. As a member of the Fabulous Girls, she toured with many Disney artists, began song writing, and learning more about the process of recording arts that would later be her foundation as a solo recording artist. Now, Alexya is on the rise as a solo artist, with her latest release “Sick of Love Songs”.


“Sick of Love Songs” is a mid-tempo beat, melancholic track about being sick of being in love. When do you stay? When should you go? As we listened, we were drawn in by the synth chords, and production overall. The song overall is an inspiration for all those in a relationship that they aren’t sure if it’s right for them. Check out the amazing animated video below. 

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