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Alex Alavi is Stuck in the Middle of “A Scream and a Song”

When we think about the songwriting of artists like Bob Dylan what has always stood out are the deeply personal lyrics that reflect our personal selves as much as society around us. In addition, there is a simple elegance within the orchestration that requires the listener to hear what the song is about at its core, rather than what studio recording and production techniques are currently in fashion. This intimate connection between songwriter and listener is apparent on the recordings of Alex Alavi, including his latest release “A Scream and a Song.” Below is the official music video featuring footage filmed during a pre-quarantine road trip that took place last year. For more by Alex Alavi, including his cover of Beatles hit “Let It Be,” check him out on Spotify.

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Check out tiny.blips Cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”

Tiny.blips is an artist that is currently based in South Florida, but originally is from Wilmington, Delaware. Although that might not be the DMV, it’s a neighboring community that we look to support! Tiny.blips also went to the Unviersity of Delaware, and since his graduation he has been growing in his music ability.

His newest track is called, “Heart-Shaped Box” and it has an amazingly calm lo-fi feel to it. It’s a Nirvana cover that has some very diversifying elements compared to the original. It’s the first single of a lo-fi covers EP that he will be releasing in the near future. All instruments, vocals, productions arrangement, recordings and mixing wsa all done by Tiny.blips. Check out the track below.

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Shem Thomas Wants You to Do It!

In the music video of his new single “DO IT”, Shem Thomas shows people who pursue their passion and are not hindered by handicaps or social ideas. These are courageous people who go their way unwaveringly because they love what they do. All characters in the film are real life stories, not actors.

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