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Alena Ciera Starts Her Next Chapter With New EP

DMV-based pop musician, guitarist, and actress Alena Ciera has just released her long anticipated debut EP, “All In My Head.”

Alena Ciera "All In My Head" Album Art featuring the artist's face from the side, enraptured in a glow.
Alena Ciera "All In My Head" Album Art

“All In My Head” is an exciting and catchy EP that will make you want to dance. It has ear-pleasing vocals, loud drums, electric bass, and electro-pop sounds. Additionally, Ciera’s EP features her single, “What You Want” which opens with a post-relationship narrative flashing back to her past with people she thought she loved the most.

“How could you talk about me behind my back like we were nothing? Can you stop listening to everyone who don’t know themselves?” Ciera sings in her single, “What You Want”. Ciera sings about being hurt, betrayed, and confused. She’s ready for something new in life but still reflecting on her past and the places she used to love.

In addition to her EP, Ciera will be performing in a few states across the country this summer. To find out more about her music, merch, and performances click here.

“All In My Head” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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