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Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of May 14, 2022

By Daniel Warren Hill

It is another incredible week for new music, and, per usual, there’s just a lot more of it than we can touch on in more comprehensive editorial coverage. Still, no matter your musical inclinations, there’s something for everyone in this week’s highlights from the Alchemical Records Multiegenre Mixture playlist on Spotify and YouTube. Tell us your favorites by leaving a comment below, and enjoy!

Baltimore, MD, rapper Kenny Golder Jr. gives listeners the ol’ “One Two” with a chill track celebrating the freedom of nightlife. One of 16 tracks from Golder’s latest full-length album, Burban ‘Til Sunrise, available now on all major platforms and with a deluxe edition planned for later this year.

With post-punk energy rivalling that of The Killers, the latest single by Wolverhampton, England Alt-Rock band Baudelaire’s latest single “Lethe,” produced by Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Robert Plant, Palo Nutini), analyzes the catalytic relationship between alcohol and violence. 

Sam Brace’s “Ultraviolet” is a 90s-infused Alternative Rock track that we imagine any fan of Radiohead would find kinship with. The final single from his full album, Fever & Bones, available 10th June 2022, “Ultraviolet” has an ethereal quality to it lifted up by gritty guitars. Check out our coverage of another single, “Brave,” by Sam Brace.

Ghanaian-Norwegian Contemporary R&B artist, Akuvi takes a minimalist approach to her latest single, “What We Are.” The song is spacious and breathy with elements of Trap that provide a bit of tension which help to reinforce the uncertain status of the relationship described throughout the track.

Pop-infused three-piece Americana band, Franklin Gotham from Alexandria, VA, has put together a warm yet introspective track called “Not Enough” that oozes with personality. One-half of the band’s dual single release, “Not Enough” leads right into a unique take on Madonna’s “Lucky Star.”

Inspired by NYC singer-songwriter Denitia’s Christian upbringing in Hourston, TX “White Lights” encourages listeners to spend as much time enjoying and appreciating the beauty of each day of our life; to see the ‘white lights’ around us at all times and not just around our concepts of an afterlife.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based singer-songwriter Lior Holzman explores the equality of human nature in “Sinners,” an expressive new single that brings listeners back down to Earth with its poignant lyrics and minimalist guitar tones exploring themes of betrayal. One of many impressive tracks from Holzman’s forthcoming new album slated for release in June 2022.

Featuring Iranian-born, South African-based artist, Ava like Lava, “Supermodel” is a smooth and sexy new song by Tana. “Supermodel” is a Hip-Hop and Pop infused track about someone who looks like a supermodel and how everyone wants to either be her or be with her.

American indie rock band, The Bergamot, consisting of Nathaniel Paul Hoff and Jillian Speece, has just released “Medusa,” a song from the soundtrack to the film ‘State of the Unity,’ which was awarded Paris Independent Film Festival’s “Best Documentary Feature” and Sedona International Film Festival’s “Excellence in Filmmaking Award.” The band will also be premiering the film and the score this June at the Richmond International Film Festival.

Contemporary R&B and Adult Contemporary artist Samuel Joson has released a lush and beautifully orchestrated song encouraging listeners to take inventory and seek out happiness instead of staying in a toxic relationship. The upbeat nature of “What Can We Do?” leads listeners to feel that even if things don’t work out, it will all work out.

“Oh God!” by DMV Hip-Hop recording artist and rapper ARIA has a Mike Shinoda like quality to it with aggressive guitar power chords combined with a dynamic drum and bass section. A song that merges concepts of seizing the moment while somehow managing to keep up with ‘the grind.’

“Deja Vu” by Worcester, Massachusetts artist Gio is an uptempo lo-fi pop track with elements of Hip-Hop and Rap bringing up familiar feelings about negative experiences and relationships that seem to keep reoccurring even as Gio clearly tries to create distance from them.

The latest single by Stellan Perrick does a beautiful job of translating his influences from Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, and Prince into an original and unique love song permeating with sex appeal. A producer, singer, and songwriter from India, Perrick impressively handles all aspects of the production himself.

Northern Virginia rock band Daring for Glory has unveiled their first single of 2022, “Amnesia,” a Pop-Punk leaning track exploring hardship, loss, and loneliness, but most importantly self-discovery. “Amnesia” seeks to remind us who we are at our core, even if occasionally we forget. 

Carlotta Valdes is a music collective led by Stam1na keyboardist Emil Lähteenmäki bringing the worlds of Finnish heavy music, rock and jazz fusion under one roof. Their latest single, “The Pursuit” is an instrumental prog-rock track that fans of Joe Satriani would find appealing, but the song-centered production highlights each member’s virtuoso talent cohesively rather than focusing on bringing one instrument to the forefront.

 just_omalley, a member of Hip-Hop trio Viva La ViiV releases his fourth solo single of 2022, “Baby Boo,” a classic-sounding Hip-Hop track showing adoration for that special someone that you miss every moment you are away can’t wait to be reunited with.

Written with recording artist and singer-songwriter Syon, “Back Around” by Ellie Byers is a song about a couple struggling to make it work. The song identifies the tension in the relationship, but overwhelmingly leans into an optimistic nature bringing these lovers back together for another try. Capturing both the beauty and tragedy of love, Byers hopes the song brings listeners equal parts comfort and redemption. 

Melbourne producer and vocalist Spectoral collaborates with producer Austin Holder in this chill track encouraging listeners to make a “Getaway”. Whether you can get in your car and drive off or just put on your headphones in the comfort of your bedroom. “Getaway” is a great escape from the daily grind. 

The title track from the forthcoming five-song EP by Canadian Alt-Rock band, A Day’s Wait, “Lifeline” was inspired by a children’s book and centers around how, even when we’re alone or far away, we’re all connected to the ones we love. With all proceeds from the track being directed to charity, it’s a wholesome track to support no matter how you slice it.

A Songwriter and filmmaker from Italy, LI:EVE has a strong sense of atmosphere and delivers a rich soundscape environment in the track and video for “White Secrets,” a reflection on life and death, insecurities, and what motivates or scares us. 

Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is an American musician, writer, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the frontman for Washington DC area Alternative Rock band YellowTieGuy, as co-founder of Capitol Groove Collective, and increasing the exposure of artists on a global scale through his work with Alchemical Records. 

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