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Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of June 11, 2022

By Daniel Warren Hill

It’s another fantastic week for fans of music all over the world! With incredible music being released from every corner of the globe, we treasure this opportunity to share some tracks we didn’t have a chance to get more in-depth with. Hopefully we’ve whet your appetite to explore more music by these artists. You can find this and more great music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

Richmond, VA rock band The J.O.B. have just released the music video for “Broken Heart” after being selected by Budget Music Videos (BMV) for a complementary music video using the production company’s available footage. “I saw the silent video of the jilted bride,” says The J.O.B. front man Jim O’Farrell, “and then I played Broken Heart with it and I thought the video did a cool job of representing the story.” You can find this bonus track “Broken Heart” featured on the single, “Criminal.”

“Losing My Mind” is the latest single from Big Gigantic’s brand new album, Brighter Future, available now on all major platforms. Featuring the vocals of Brooke Williams, “Losing My Mind” has an airy and atmospheric vibe that cunningly masks the songs heavier lyrical content. Big Gigantic will be bringing their signature sound to Washington D.C.’s Echostage on July 29.

The second single from the upcoming album, Sgt. Pepper II, by the Trend, “Come Home” has a Weezer meets Nirvana quality to it. The verses are heavy and dark in tone, but the song has an uplifting quality overall; using gritty guitars and melodic vocals (and harmonies) holding listeners in between worlds.

Singer-Songwriter, Euan Blackman aptly describes his music as ‘Alt folk for kind folk’. Expertly tapping into the spirits of his influences, Blackman’s music gives familiar impressions without ever coming across as derivative. “LED Lights” highlights Blackmans acoustic guitar driven rhythms is breathy and 

The newest single Beautiful Machines’ forthcoming album Singularity, “Baum Baum,” is a cold, synth drenched tale about life starting anew after a catastrophe. It is beautifully delivered with a core indie electronic sound full of ambience atmospheric synth melodies rooted in pop-rock. 

Quebec, Canada-based Sebastián Cordova Vidal, known as Tizona, is a Peruvian singer, author and composer of reggaetón and Latin dance hall music. While my Spanish is admittedly a little rusty (sorry mom), “Condena” is akin to feeling like the person in your life is giving you life while also taking something of yourself away; using sexuality as a way to keep you close while keeping their options open.

Inspired by a conversation with scholar and educator Professor Steve Fuller, “Transhuman Dreams” by Xylaroo explores the facets of transhumanism centered around providing access to technologies which increase human longevity and cognitive abilities. Listen to the episode of the podcast, Podsongs that inspired this and other collaborations.

A rock band from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Luke Warm and The Cold Ones provide an excellent musical energy and thoughtful lyrics in “Kip City,” and our only real critique is that it’s a shame they’ve only released three singles to date.

With autotune vocals, video game sound effects, and thumpy bass, “DISCORD NITRO” is a song that celebrates the communication platform designed on brining the video game community closer together. It’s short duration and fast pace basically guarantee that if you enjoy that first listen, you’ll go back for a second.

Miu Haiti consistently exudes confidence in her music, her voice, her attitude, and in her fashion. “In ‘Em Face” accents these traits well, with Haiti commenting, “I wrote this song as a reminder for anyone who listens to it and for myself to celebrate your victories shamelessly. Whatever you accomplish, you deserve it, show it off.”

Stevie Howie rejects the idea that faith is a reasonable excuse for ignorance in his latest single, “crusader.” It is a high energy rock song with darker tones that contain an incredibly approachable industrial meets commercial sound. Check out our coverage of his previous release, “stalker.

Nadeja gets a little tongue-in-cheek with “Holographic Sickening Love” capturing the emotion of young love in all of its confusing endorphin and hormone filled glory. This song is truly is an all-encompassing pop powerhouse and the perfect gateway to more of Nadedja’s electrifying sound.

Luna Kira’s and Julian Winding’s Berlin-based synth-pop duo Sweet Tempest beautifully captures the overall sentiments of youth and reflecting on decisions and thought process that mold us into the who we are. This edit of “I Was Young” features renowned composer and producer Kasper Winding, and the alternative edit is available alongside this version as a bonus track released with the single.

Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is an American musician, writer, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the frontman for Washington DC area Alternative Rock band YellowTieGuy, as co-founder of Capitol Groove Collective, and increasing the exposure of artists on a global scale through his work with Alchemical Records. 

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