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Alchemical Records started in 2009 as an email chain to help musicians connect the dots for performance and networking opportunities. This would later develop into a small but passionate record label. After spending a decade gaining experience in just about every aspect of the music industry you can think of, we decided it was time to switch gears for what we think (and hope) will be the last time. Alchemical Records has asserted itself as a music news and entertainment website primary focused on providing fans of music a single location for discovering all that is great about the music scene in the greater metropolitan Washington DC area.


The Washington DC music scene is not just about the capital city itself but also of neighboring states Maryland and Virginia. The region benefits from being a strong local hub, but also a key area for regional, national, and international touring musicians as well. This community in its entirety is what we hope to share with you, dear reader, by sharing the great content by all the region’s top artists, and through our efforts to provide a unique perspective through the lens of music journalism. On behalf of all the musicians writing, recording, and performing in the area, and all the folks here at Alchemical Records, we thank you!

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