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90’s Kids – “Freak Me Out” is Out Now

by The Alchemist

Founded in Ohio in 2017, 90’s Kids combines elements from multiple genres across the pop landscape to create a fresh spin on modern music.


Alongside gaining over 1 Million Spotify streams in just under 2 years as an artist, 90’s Kids has brought its energetic live show across the United States, most recently supporting Phangs’ US Tour in early 2020 and performing at the 2019 Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati. The band has also shared the stage with a variety of artists such as PUBLIC, State Champs, Grayscale, The WLDLFE, and more.

This song brings in a ton of energy with a truly hard-hitting chorus, and some incredible production (they also informed us that this is the first song that they totally self-produced on their own). This song is about when you get to that point in a relationship where you’re not sure whether or not to continue on in your relationship, and you’re getting a bit freaked out with everything going on. Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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