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5th of Four Isn’t Holding Back With Debut LP, Hold on Tight

DC’s 5th of Four highlights their collective strengths as a band with the release of their debut album, Hold on Tight.

A shot of DC-based rock band 5th of Four performing live on stage.
5th of Four Performing Live - Photo courtesy of the artist.

Formed back in 2021 in Falls Church, VA, DC-based rock band 5th of Four quickly built a faithful following of fans with their catchy lyrics and heavy guitar riffs infused with jazzy melodies. Fast-forward two years, and the band, consisting of lead vocalist Faith Hayden, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Mitchell Norton, lead guitarist Daniel Rodriguez, drummer Mort Rolleston, and bassist Ryan Schmid, is now celebrating the release of their debut album,  Hold on Tight. With passionate, pensive lyrics delivered through virtuosic vocals and supported by bold instrumentals and infectious rock melodies, Hold on Tight is a beautiful, cohesive collection of each member’s individual talents.

5th of Four kicks things off on  Hold on Tight with a bang full of energy and nostalgia in the album’s opening song, “Streetlights.” With evocative lyrics about longing for the days of coming home when the streetlights turn on, the track’s roaring instrumentation gives “Streetlights” everything listeners crave from rock music. 5th of Four continues to satisfy that same desire in the form of a compelling ballad with the following track on Hold on Tight, “Annie.” Softer, slower, and more intimate, “Annie” enhances the album’s emotion by adding a touch of vulnerability.

Upon listening to Hold on Tight, it’s plain to see why 5th of Four plans to have “Streetlights” and “Annie” join the album’s third song, a punk-rock anthem called “Little Bastards,” in its status as a single. A plan they also hold for spirited track five, “Home.” The beauty of “Home” lies in how the band weaved the softness of a rock ballad into the genre’s traditional high energy, packing a punch in both sound and emotion.

A feat further accomplished by 5th of Four on tracks 12, “From The Ashes,” and 15, Hold on Tight’s closing song, “Sleep.” Beginning with a sonic delicacy that intensifies the lyrical depth, “From The Ashes” crescendos mid-way through, becoming as lively as it is meaningful. “Sleep” is similarly structured in that it has a gentle preface. However, the upsurge in sound and energy on “Sleep” happens earlier, making the song a stunning and powerful album closer.

Hold on Tight is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify.

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