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Brent Funkhouser Keeps His Chin Up with “We Get By”

Brent Funkhauser looks away while holding a guitar.

Recent Articles Virginia country/Americana musician, Brent Funkhouser, is taking it one step at a time with his latest single “We Get By.” Brent Funkhauser – Photo courtesy of the artist Recorded locally at Crab Shack Studios in Alexandria, Virginia, he seems as poised as ever to make a name for himself with a good-vibes song […]

Illterate Light Hit The Road for Massive U.S. Tour

Two men wearing loosely buttoned shirts and disheveled hair stand on a beach in front of a hotel.

Recent Articles Virginia-based rock duo, Illiterate Light, is heading out on a massive U.S. 42-show tour that extends over 20 cities between June and December of this year. Illiterate Light – Photo Credit: Taylor Flynn Having released their latest album, Sunburned, earlier this year, Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran are ready to share their songs […]