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Things Can Always Be Better

Chris Perry and Colin McGuire of Could Be Better Meh podcast performing live

These Maryland musicians-turned-podcasters will give your music a boost—if you’ll let them

Colin McGuire and Chris Perry discuss their podcast, Could Be Better Meh, their take on the industry, and a fan from the other side of the world.When Colin McGuire and Chris Perry are keenly aware that the business of music is difficult. Both young men are musicians in their own right, having played in various bands and running into one another socially rather often. They now host a podcast called “Could Be Better Meh,” in which they feature many bands and upcoming musicians from around our area—perhaps as a way to pay it forward by providing a platform for others seeking their big break.

The pair bases “Could Be Better Meh” in Frederick, Maryland. Recent episodes have featured players from such local talent as Feed the Scene, Suburban Avenger, and Roy Ghim. McGuire and Perry recently spoke with Alchemical Records about their podcast, their take on the industry, and a fan from the other side of the world. Our discussion has been edited and condensed.

Maty Noyes Writes an Epilogue to an Anti-Hero in “Lighter Thief”

A close up of a two people laying down and holding on to each others arms and legs while wearing white shirts and black shorts with visible matching ligther tattoos.

Recent Articles LA-based singer-songwriter, Maty Noyes, puts on her melancholy indie folk hat for her latest single “Lighter Thief.” Maty Noyes – “Lighter Thief” album art Stripped down to the essentials of guitar and vocals, there’s an immediate sense of intimacy that comes through the song’s soft croon. There’s plenty of hurt to go around […]

Kendyle Paige is a Musical Chameleon in “Ladybird”

Woman in white lingerie sits on a brown couch in front of a multi-colored background while she looks away from the camera with her hand resting on her belly.

Recent Articles Electro pop musician, Kendyle Paige, wears many hats as she moves from genre to genre on her latest album Ladybird. Kendyle Paige – “Ladybird” album art There’s a gradual build in energy as the album progresses from slower R&B style ballads (“BullsEye”) to funky bouncing pop tracks (“Seasons Change”), and even takes hairpin […]

Ryan Hamilton Brings Out a Sassy Guest in Music Video for “A$$HOLE”

Mustached, long haired man looks into the camera wearing a big rimmed hat, gray blazer, and a button up shirt.

More to Watch Texas-based alternative rocker, Ryan Hamilton, seems to have fun demonstrating the inherent nature of badgers (literally) with the music video for his latest single “A$$HOLE.” Photo courtesy of Ryan Hamilton If anyone just had flashbacks to the viral video “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” and the hilarious trademark catchphrase “honey badger don’t […]