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Ilan Rubin Ensures There’s “Room for Two”

"Room for Two" - Ilan Rubin cover art

Recent Articles Ilan Rubin, drummer for Nine Inch Nails, is back with his second monthly solo single release in 2023, “Room for Two”.  The youngest ever inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, who writes and plays every instrument on his records. He has also played drums for […]

Brent Funkhouser is Growing “Blackberries” in His Folksy New Single

Brent Funkhouser "Blackberries" album art with a leafy picture of blackberries

More to Watch Self-described “y’alternative” singer-songwriter (and native Virginian) Brent Funkhouser has returned with his deeply personal, berry-themed track “Blackberries” The song’s basis centers on a single question “How do you build a better life?” Funkhouser explores this query through intimate anecdotes peppered throughout the song. “I’ll make the roses bloom,” he opens, “dead of […]

Cherise Craves Something Real in “Secrets”

Cherise "Secrets" album art with Cherise standing in a field with the open sky behind her.

More to Watch London-based Jazz & R&B musician and singing sensation, Cherise releases a vulnerable and thoughtful new single, “Secrets.” As Cherise so elegantly reveals in her latest single, secrets aren’t necessarily about intentionally keeping something from one another in a relationship, but, rather, are rooted in intimacy and whether we feel secure. Secrets are […]

Tired All The Time Mourn the Lonely on New Single “One Big File”

Tired All The Time "One Big File" album art with a bearded man wearing sunglasses and an orange hoodie listening to music on headphones.

More to Watch DC natives Tired All The Time, colloquially known as TATT, are back with a sad-jam of a new single, “One Big File.” The band is no stranger to bearing their souls about the societal ills that concern them. They’ve tackled both all-encompassing and more niche issues, from the tyranny of big pharma […]