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Indie-Pop Duo Overcoats Will “Never Let You Go” in New Single/Music Video

Overcoats - "Never Let You Go" music video thumbnail

More to Watch Stunning indie-pop duo Overcoats is back with their new single, “Never Let You Go,” and its music video ahead of their forthcoming album, Winner, available April 7. As someone who was OBSESSED with their album The Fight when it came out in 2020, I am honored to introduce you to this pop […]

Murray A. Lightburn Speaks To and About His Late Father in “Dumpster Gold”

Murray Lightburn_Dumpster Gold

Recent Articles Singer-songwriter, Murray A. Lightburn, takes a sentimental journey through the relationship he had with his father in his latest single “Dumpster Gold”, the leading single off his upcoming album Once Upon A Time in Montréal. Written as a biopic of his father’s life, this new song (as well as the entire album) acts […]

Eryn Michel releases hand-crafted debut single “You Say”

Eryn Michel - You Say - Album Art

Recent Articles Join us in welcoming Eryn Michel’s [EH-rin MIH-shel] first release called “You Say” into the world. “You Say” has been a labor of love for Eryn. She channeled her new production skills, learned during the pandemic, into an honest and personal expression of herself through this first single. Eryn takes the listener on […]

PsyOp: A Psychological Operation into Hardcore that Shocks. 

PsyOp - Permanent Underclass - Album Art

Recent Articles DC hardcore ‘shock rock’ punk band PsyOp conducts a psychological operation in their latest EP, Permanent Underclass. DC Punk just makes sense. Regardless of what quadrant you’re in.. Chances are there’s something to be angry about: Gentrification, Parking Tickets, George Santos…   In the DC Hardcore scene, you may end up at a venue […]

Now After Nothing Find a “Sick Fix” in Debut Single

Now After Nothing_Sick Fix

More to Watch Atlanta-based darkwave duo, Now After Nothing, make their mark with the electric brooding of their debut single “Sick Fix”. Full of gothic vibes á la Bauhaus and The Cure, they manage a nice balance of electronic sounds against more traditional rock band set up. There’s an industrial feel the band’s approach that […]

Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center Celebrates 65 Years of Music Retail

Adam Levin of Chuck Levin's Music shows pictures of Stevie Wonder visiting the historic Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center.

Go Beyond the Artist in this week’s feature with Adam Levin of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center, exploring the essential role of the local music store, in this series highlighting the individuals and organizations that are amplifying the DMV music community, often from behind the scenes.
“Everyone loves a star!” Or, so I’ve heard the saying.

In past times, the complete view of the team of people that worked to bring an artist to the national or internation stage was mostly obscured; the wizards behind the curtain that you need “pay no attention to.” With the rise of the DIY music industry came the global stardom of Taylor Swift.