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Magic and Loss are Abundant in “Disappearing Act” by Angela Sclafani

Angela Sclafani - Disappearing Act

Recent Articles New York City-based singer-songwriter and daring creator of musical personas, Angela Sclafani, unveils her latest character from her upcoming album, SONGS OF OTHER SELVES, with the new single “Disappearing Act”. An ode to the classic magician’s trick, the song brings an endearing charm in the form of whimsical melodies that skate gracefully overtop […]

Forty Feet Tall! Says “We Can’t Go Back To Normal”

Forty Feet Tall - "We Can't Go Back To Normal"

Recent Articles There’s a punk energy seething from the teeth of the Portland-based indie rocker’s, Forty Feet Tall’s, latest single “We Can’t Go Back To Normal” that is utterly intoxicating. The relentless chanting of the song’s namesake, in particular, makes a perfect mantra as we find ourselves knee deep in the new year. It’s the […]

Violinist Mazz Swift Will Join the Multicultural Silkroad Ensemble at George Mason

Mazz Swift - Cropped Feature Image

History’s Silk Road was a loose network of trade routes between Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Traveling such distances required not only understanding different cultures and languages, but also learning about those peoples’ music along the way. The Silkroad Ensemble, the brainchild of Yo-Yo Ma, brings together musical styles from around the world. The Grammy-winning group will perform “Uplifted Voices” at George Mason University Jan. 29. Join contributing writer Eric Althoff as he sits down with violinist Mazz Swift who shares details on the show, comprised entirely of women and nonbinary artists, as well as their own journey.

julianne Keeps on Keeping On with New Single “path i choose”

Julianne - Path I Choose

Recent Articles Hybrid-pop songstress, julianne, is moving on with her latest single “path i choose”. At once introspective and bursting at the seams, it’s the kind of track that rises from the ashes with the resilient mindset of a phoenix. The song balances its more electronic foundations with the electric sheen of guitar octaves that […]