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Muenster Releases ‘Muenstervision Presents: Ian’, a 17 Track Hip-Hop Gem


Recent Articles Muenster – Courtesy of Muenster Muenster has announced his forthcoming 17-track hip-hop album ‘MuensterVision Presents: Ian’. The album became available for pre-order on December 31, 2022 and will be released on his daughter’s first birthday, March 3, 2023. A key member of multiple musical projects in Texas, Muenster is a versatile wordsmith, polished […]

ISHAN: ‘Something Beyond What We Understand Guides the Artist through this Mess that Is Life’

ISHAN - Press Photo - Marcello Anthony

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter ISHAN discovered a love for music at the age of 15 during rehabilitation for spinal fusion surgery. The emerging talent and compelling lyricist has been honing his skills ever since, marking his official entrance to the music scene in late 2022 with his debut single, “Go,” which appeals to fans of Ed Sheeran. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she sits down with ISHAN to discuss his musical influences; how his diverse Indian, Swiss, and Catalan roots inform his worldview; why Baltimore is on his bucket list of places to visit; and the reason he has learned to co-exist with fear.