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Leah Jean: ‘I Have a Tendency Towards Negativity, and I Don’t Think That’s Necessarily a Bad Thing’

Leah Jean - Press Photo by Nate Bradley

On Dec. 2, Nashville-based indie folk artist Leah Jean released her debut full-length album, Creatures In The Room, which spans a transformative journey of highs and lows, ultimately affirming the power of embracing your authentic self. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she connects with Jean to discuss the story behind the album, including the original title; how Jean learned to overcome crippling stage fright and become the confident performer that she is today; and why she believes her “tendency towards negativity” serves to strengthen her art.

Dave Eats Mud, and You Should Too – New Music Friday 12/2/2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles Nature, aggression, and melody had a love child, and they named it Dave Eats Mud and nestled it ever so gently into the waiting arms of DC, MD, and VA. Then Dave Eats Mud released a self-titled EP (in 2018). Then Dave Eats Mud releases another self-titled EP in 2022 and now they are […]

Madness Rises in Roscoe Tripp’s “When the Stalks Are Low”

Roscoe Tripp_When the Stalks Are Low

Recent Articles The indie rock outfit known as Roscoe Tripp take a brooding trip through their new single, “When the Stalks Are Low”. Driven by the wild dynamics of the ever-morphing bass, there’s a heaviness that carries through the song’s core offset by the gentle open chords of guitars and synthesizers. During the verse, the […]

Meet “The People’s Band:” The Experience Band and Show

The Experience Band and Show

The DMV Music Alliance’s upcoming DMV Music Benefits All Showcase & Fundraiser is featuring one of DC’s most explosive and exciting new bands: The Experience Band & Show. The funk, pop, R&B, Go-go, and rock band will be performing, bringing their positivity and joy to the DMV. Despite being made up of seven members, The Experience Band and Show really made up of two things: incredible performance quality and a mission to bring joy. Contributing writer, Margaret Adams, spoke with the band’s leader, Travisty TromboneKing, about the band’s origins, mission, and music.