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Perro Sombra: “We want to… strengthen the local scene” with the DMV Music Alliance

Perro Sombra walking toward us in black & white

Among the performers at the DMV Music Alliance’s upcoming benefit concert is Perro Sombra, or “Shadow Dog” in Spanish, a Latin rock band.

Daniel Gomez covers lead vocals and guitar, and Francisco Foschi and Lula Neira are bass. Gomez and Foschi are both multi-instrumentalists, even sometimes swapping bass and guitar on stage.

According to the band, “Francisco’s first instrument was the drums, and he was “forced” to change instruments because his neighbors kept calling the police on him.”

Kelaska is Doing Her Best on “autopilot”


Recent Articles Connecticut-based singer-songwriter, Kelaska (born Kelli Wright), is back with her latest single “autopilot”. Both nostalgic and melancholy, it’s a song that strikes a chord for those who feel like they might be moving through life at a different pace from the rest of the world. “I was going through a depression when I […]

Uncover Your Musical DNA by Exploring “The Global Jukebox”

map of the world from The Global Jukebox depicting areas with a high concentration of data through different-sized dots

On Nov. 2, the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE published the scientific paper, “The Global Jukebox: A Public Database of Performing Arts and Culture,” spearheaded by Dr. Anna L. Wood (the Association for Cultural Equity at Hunter College, NY), and co-written/edited by Patrick E. Savage (Keio University, Fujisawa, Japan) and 17 colleagues. It is the first time this kind of data is available publicly online for all – “a deep dive into the massive study of expressive traditions undertaken in the 1960s-1980s by Alan Lomax, Victor Grauer, and Conrad Arensberg via statistical analyses of folk song styles across the globe.”