Jaws of Love Catches a Glimpse of a Second Life in “The Heist”

Jaws of Love. - Second Life - album visual

Recent Articles On Friday, November 11th, Kelcey Ayer of the quintessential Southern California indie rock band Local Natives returned with Second Life, the latest album under his solo project, Jaws of Love. The Colombian-American recording artist has received continuous praise in print and on-air for their experimental sound and heartfelt lyricism. Fans got their first […]

Transitions Abound: Lauren Calve Hinges on the Edge of Something New

Lauren Calve

When it comes to singer-songwriter, Lauren Calve, there is a calm, yet electric essence that feels ready for every and anything that comes her way. She has been singing throughout her life, but it wasn’t until her late 20’s that she found her niche within the sounds of Americana blues. Since finding her home base, her late-bloomer energy has spun a nice flow of momentum that has taken her far in a short amount of time.

While her early inspirations ran the gambit of singing women with raw, acrobatic voices like Mariah Carrey and Sheryl Crow, it was a CD of voice instructor Brett Manning (who famously coached Hayley Williams of Paramore)

Estella Dawn Shows Vulnerability and Softness in “Follow”

Estella Dawn_Follow

Recent Articles New Zealand born and San Diego-based singer songwriter, Estella Dawn, keeps things rolling with her 9th single of 2022 titled “Follow”. Taking things down a notch, she keeps things simple with a more delicate song that is heartfelt and reflective. https://youtu.be/3sHcAvLHzS4 Led by the warm tones of an acoustic guitar, Dawn’s voice pairs perfectly […]