The Jumpin’ Sound of D.C.’s Very Own Fiesta: Empresarios Has More Latin-Inspired Music Coming this Year

Empresarios Press Photo

D.C. is quite far from anything even remotely tropical, but fortunately, the capital city is a hotbed of “tropicaliente,” a fusion musical style with Latin roots that has taken hold here. Empresarios has been at the forefront of that Latin sound in the District since forming in 2007. Javier Miranda, the Puerto Rican-born frontman of the group, said that he, his brother, and some of their friends got together to remix the sounds of Latin America but give it that unique capital twist. Learn more about Empresarios’ exciting journey in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month with contributing writer Eric Althoff.

Fleur Bleu.e Shows That Love Crosses Cultures with ‘Pyjama Princess’

Fleur Bleu.e "Pyjama Princess" Music Video Thumbnail

More to Watch Created across cultures, Fleur Bleu.e’s latest track ‘Pyjama Princess’ releases on September 21.  Delphine Lam and Vladimir Swann are Fleur Bleu.e, an alternative French/English duo created in 2019. They describe their meeting as finding “their musical half, clear and obscure,” and subsequent compositions as “nourished by their adolescent myths between Paris and […]