Damon Modarres Leads New Music Friday 9/9/2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles Singer-songwriter Damon Modarres of local music collective 242 debuts his first single as a solo artist in this edition of New Music Friday. I know I gush over new music all the time, but I promise you these are incredibly dynamic tunes that I wish we had the opportunity to get more in-depth […]

Frass Green Take Their Time with “Any Better”

Frass Green_Any Better

Recent Articles D.C. based garage rockers, Frass Green, are releasing their new album Buried today with the third leading single, “Any Better”. In contrast to the two previous singles (“35 Years” and “Mural Mosaic”), this is an exercise in expressive balladry that reaches for something better with hands outstretched towards the sky. From the get-go, we […]