Mames Babagenush Returns to the U.S. for the First Time since 2019

Mames Babegenush - Dennis Lehmann

Jewish music from Denmark? Coming to D.C.? See it to believe it on July 27 at Bossa Bistro & Lounge when Mames Babagenush, returns to the U.S. for the first time since 2019. Denmark has an extremely small Jewish population of under 10,000—in a country just shy of 6 million in total. Thanks to Mames Babagenush, the traditional, uptempo “klezmer” music of Eastern Europe’s Ashkenazi Jews is finding a more worldwide audience—even if all but one of the members of the group are Gentiles. Join contributing writer Eric Althoff, as he discusses the band’s upcoming show, the history of their musical tradition, and more.

Wild Hijinks in Belaganas’ Music Video for “Jaywalkin”

Belaganas "Jaywalkin" music video thumbnail

More to Watch Belaganas – “Jaywalkin” Music Video Thumbnail Phoenix based rappers Shanker and Joey J and guitarist Nick Wille (known collectively as Belaganas) are ready to party and get into trouble in their new music video for “Jaywalkin”. The video sees the trio running through the streets, alleyways, and even rooftops of Tempe, Arizona […]

Holly Valance Hit “Kiss Kiss” Remixed by Bklava for 20th Anniversary

Holly Valance smash hit "Kiss Kiss" remix by Bklava cover art

More to Watch Bklava “Kiss Kiss” Remix Album Art UK based producer and DJ, Bklava (also known as Lara Sweeny), celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Holly Valance smash hit “Kiss Kiss” with a brand-new remix and visualizer. While Valance originally covered the song (originally titled “Şımarık” written by Sezen Aksu and performed by Turkish […]