Vision Video’s New Album, Haunted Hours is a “Beautiful Day To Die”

vision videos beautiful day to die youtube video thumbnail

More to Watch By Emma Downes Post-punk goth band Vision Video has announced the release date for their upcoming secondalbum, Haunted Hours. They open the new era with an additional music video release for thesingle “Beautiful Day to Die.” In the video, the band emits an ethereal presence draped in white against a backdrop ofswaying […]

Elvis Drew Wants to ‘Focus’ on You, Baby, with Electric New Single

Elvis Drew Focus

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross On June 17, Lagos, Algarve-based alternative electronic artist Elvis Drew released his latest single, “Focus,” a moody, immersive track that explores love, obsession, and the entangled spaces in between. “’Focus’ was inspired by a kind of relationship that lacks attention and focus from one individual to another,” said Elvis […]

Coyle Girelli Channels Leonard Cohen and First Aid Kit with First Look into “Stripped”

Coyle Girelli_Stripped

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee English songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Coyle Girelli, is gearing up for the releasee of Stripped: a 7-song collection of acoustic renditions of previously recorded songs as well as a couple covers which are newly released. In talking about the inspiration behind this new collection, Girelli stated, “In addition to these […]

Karen Harding Sings a Siren’s Riddle in “I’ve Got A Secret”

Karen Harding_I've Got A Secret

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Australian singer-songwriter, Karen Harding, is brooding and mysterious in her new single “I’ve Got A Secret”. A slow burn acoustic jam that holds its cards close to the chest, but not without letting you experience the deep impact of this unknown information. Throughout the song, Harding’s acoustic guitar strums with […]

Surrender to the Colorful Abyss of Lukka’s Music Video for “Wisdom of the Sun”

Lukka "Wisdom of the Sun" Album Art

More to Watch New York City based psychedelic rocker, Franzi Symkowiak (also known as Lukka), is teasing the release of her upcoming album Something Human with the leading single “Wisdom of the Sun”. A song she describes as a “yin-yang ode to finding positivity in the darkest of situations”. The release is accompanied by a […]

J. France Feels “Universes Apart”

J. France "Universes Apart" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Why does it feel like we are universes apart/ Two hearts, lightyears away American singer-songwriter J. France has released their fourth ever single “Universes Apart,” a dreamy, EDM track that delves into the way two lovers can be together, but feel “lightyears away.” “Universes Apart” is the songwriter’s first release of […]