Funk and Fast Rhymes in “One Man Army” by The Sunset Kings

The Sunset Kings_One Man Army

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Boston based indie rock band, The Sunset Kings, are bringing the funk and fast rhymes in their latest single “One Man Army”. Continuing to push the limits of their genre-bending mastery, this is a song that is equal parts energetic and introspective with a seamless flow of virtuously executed lyrics. […]

Khi Lo Gets Retrospective with “Rosslyn II”

Khi Lo_Rosslyn II

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Fairfax, Virginia based singer-songwriter and rapper, Khi Lo, gets retrospective with the second part of a three-part project titled Rosslyn II. Melding elements of pop, rap, and pop punk, this is an album that flows fluidly between rage, love, and depression. Where the previous installment focused on the here and […]

Isabel LaRosa Brings Video Trilogy to Close with “HEAVEN”

Isabel LaRosa - "HEAVEN" cover art

More to Watch By Emma Page Breakout alt-pop artist Isabel LaRosa recently released her song “HEAVEN,” alongside its video, the final installment to her three-song EP “i’m watching you” and video trilogy, which consists of her other two singles “HAUNTED” and “HELP”. Fans of shows like Stranger Things and horror movies will find comfort in […]

Chris Mallett Basks in Summer Vibes ‘Coastin’ Down the 10′

Chris Mallett - Coastin Down the 10

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On July 2, Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter Chris Mallett released his latest single, “Coastin’ Down the 10,” ft. Niv-Lac. The buoyant, feel-good rap track, which showcases the emerging artist’s lyrical flow, offers a perfect addition to your summer playlist. Chris Mallett began composing “Coastin’ Down the 10” on piano as a […]