Ben DeHan Breaks Down and Builds Up in “Comeback Kid” Music Video

Ben DeHan Comeback Kid YouTube Music Video Thumbnail

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill I cried while watching this video. As an older musician whose hopes and dreams for a career in music were schooled on the reality of balancing full time musicianship with family, I strongly empathize with DeHan’s music and the journey he has had and undertaken over two decades.  […]

Veera Neva Finds a Meditative Flow with “Grande Onde”

Veera Neva_Grande Onde

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Finnish multi-instrumentalist, composer, and musician, Veera Tuomi (also known by her stage name, Veera Neva), is back with her second solo album Grande Onde which translates into “Big Wave” in French which alludes to an exploration of a certain musical approach to physics. “The theme of the album is water, […]

Lost Love and Lessons Learned in Carl Kammeyer’s “Since You Been Gone”

Carly Kammeyer_Since You Been Gone

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee California based singer-songwriter, Carl Kammeyer is caught in his feelings about lost love in his new single “Since You Been Gone”. Primarily driven by the gentle rhythmic strumming of an acoustic guitar against a light drumbeat, this is a song that tries to make sense of a romantic situation that […]