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CJ Wiley Can’t Let Go in “All Our Love”

CJ Wiley_All Our Love

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Canadian singer-songwriter, CJ Wiley, is wrapped up in their feelings with the new single “All Our Love”. Musically, it merges a folk heart with indie rock drive and manages something that feels large, warm, and homey. Diving right in with a drum beat that says, “I’m on a mission”, Wiley […]

Lorenzo Wood Dreams of a Better Future in “LONELY NIGHTS”


Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Los Angeles based producer and songwriter, Lorenzo Wood, is merging R&B vibes with a pop-punk energy in his new single “LONELY NIGHTS”. Starting from within a more contemplative state, the song sits back and lets the rain free fall on our faces. “It’s just another night I’m alone in my […]

Torrents Defies Expectations with New “Dual Fates” EP

Torrents_Dual Fates

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Morgantown, West Virginia based rock band, Torrents, released their new EP Dual Fates which features heavier-than-ever riffs beneath ethereal melodies that make this an undeniably energized collection of songs. Akin to the metallic blues of Jerry Cantrell, there is something special about the blend of genre influences you get in […]

Highline Asks For Company While Seizing the Day

Recent Articles By Carlos Ramirez Some smart person years ago realized that nothing exists outside of the now. The future will at some point be the now, and the past once was. How we perceive every moment and how we react to our surroundings is what allows us to make the most of our short […]

John Evans’ Latest Single Encourages Listeners to “Hold On”

John Evans Hold On Muhmmed Ali YouTube Music Video Thumbnail

More to Watch Daniel Warren Hill While highlighting the release of his March 4 single, “Dream Of You,” we gave readers a broad introduction to the music of North Wales songwriter and recording artist, John Evans, whose lifelong passion and commitment to music have inspired him to explore as many aspects of the music industry […]

Where Punk Meets High Fashion: Inside the ‘Mind’s Eye’ of Karen Culi

Karen Culi-AAPI Heritage Month

It is not uncommon to hear about artists who wear multiple professional hats, and Karen Culi personifies the perennial jack-of-all-trades archetype when it comes to her involvement with the D.C. music scene. Culi is a musician, producer, model, actor, executive producer who wields complete control over her every aspect of her artistry with a millennial flare. Learn more about Karen Culi’s exciting journey with contributing writer Charlie Maybee, including her creative process, her perception of the area rock scene as a Filipino-American artist, and an exclusive preview of her upcoming release.