New Single “Freak Show” by Jenny Kath Summons the Spirits of 90s Alt Rock

Jenny Kath Freak Show Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Drawing upon influences from Alternative Rock icons from the 1990s, Jenny Kath’s latest single “Freak Show” taps into everything you could possibly love about the music and lyrics of Nirvana, Hole, Kurt Kobain, and Courtney Love combined. “Freak Show” incorporates a Deftones-like wall of sound with the vocal delivery […]

Solve The Mystery of The Mars McClanes’ New Song “Riddle”

The Mars McClanes_Riddle

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee The Oregon/Colorado based alternative rock band, The Mars McClanes, has officially returned with the release of their saucy new single “Riddle”. The song leans into the intersection of Latin rhythms and rock music á la Santana – sounding especially similar his collaborations with pop artists like Rob Thomas and Chad […]