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Tarah Who? Speaks Out on Aging in the Entertainment Industry in “Asian Blood”

Tara Who? Asian Blood Album Art

Recent Articles by Daniel Warren Hill Alchemical Records recently wrote an article about a trio that prided themselves on how big they sounded (among other admirable qualities). Still, LA-based power duo Tarah Who? would receive our ‘Biggest Sounding Band with the Fewest Members award’ to date. Composed of grunge-punk sage Tarah Carpenter and drummer/backing vocalist […]

Adem Dalipi Journeys Through Blues and R&B in After The Party EP

Adem Dalipi Press Photo

Recent Articles by Daniel Warren Hill Chicago-based Adem Dalipi is a blues-influenced Pop/RnB artist and producer, whose latest EP, “After The Party,” is the culmination of his self-taught experiences as a guitarist and songwriter from childhood which ultimately inspired his interest in production and mixing. Dalipi released his first widely available single, “One More Chance” […]

Lino Camilo Gets Hyperkenitc Until The Tide Takes Us

Lino Camilo Till The Tide Takes Us Album Art

Recent Articles by Daniel Warren Hill From the first note of “HYPERKINETIC,” you can tell there is something a little different about the music of Lino Camilo. An upright bass takes center stage while seemingly effortlessly becoming part of the rhythm section after a few seconds before diving right into the heart of the song, […]

Jacob Humber Is Sick of Talking about the ‘Afterlife’

Jacob Humber "Afterlife"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Indie singer-songwriter Jacob Humber is back with his new single, “Afterlife.” This is Humber’s fourth single since his debut in 2018 with “End of the Street.” The single was rewritten with its producer, Julian Dente, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as recorded at Dente’s home studio. With mixing by […]