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West African Griot and Trailblazer Sona Jobarteh Brings the Sounds of Her Culture to D.C.

Sona Jobarteh Profile

The West African griot, a traveling poet-musician who shares stories in song, goes back many centuries—but until now, it has largely been the provenance of male artists. Sona Jobarteh, a native of The Gambia, was born into a family of griots, and she travels the world spreading the joy of this ancient tradition from the Manding region. Learn more about Jobarteh’s upcoming show at City Winery with contributing writer Eric Althoff, where she will present a one-of-a-kind experience – keeping alive a legacy that goes back nearly a thousand years.

Linc Bradham Wishes He Could Turn Back Time with Debut Single, ‘Save You’

Linc Bradham "Save You"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On March 11, Savannah, Georgia-born and DMV-based artist Linc Bradham released his debut single, “Save You.” The warm, melodic, and emotive piano-driven track explores, with care, the unexpected loss of a loved one and the memories that stay with us for a lifetime. Bradham notes the song “was inspired after […]

Cherub Tree Says ‘Maybe it’s a stomach bug’

Cherub Tree "Maybe it's a stomach bug"

Recent Articles By Linc Bradham Every once in a while, an act comes along that completely wows you. Even rarer, an act comes along that completely wows you with little more than two chords. Interestingly enough, many of the most loved songs of all time were written with just two chords: The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” […]

MP Grey Relives Magical Experience with ‘The Night Won’t Be Over’

MP Grey "The Night Won't Be Over"

Recent Articles By Linc Bradham “Sometimes you just want the night to never end. Everything is perfect – the club, the people, the music. It’s that magical time you remember forever…” Whether or not you grew up in the 90’s and early 00’s, dancing late into the night with raucous, bumpin’ beats is something we […]

Punk and Indie Join in Carpet Waves’ ‘Biography’

Carpet Waves "Biography"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Stepping into the punk scene with the “Darkness and Bright Thoughts” era behind them, Carpet Waves has released their new single “Biography.” The single is the first introduction to their new EP, Inner Weapons. Carpet Waves is a band from Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, and Cologne; band members Benny, Kai, Javi, and […]