Square Meal Laboratories Searches for Comfort with ‘Anything That Feels Good’

Square Meal Laboratories "Anything That Feels Good"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross https://youtu.be/YtWbKUGnsHU This reading of Alchemical Records content is to provide a multimedia experience for our audience while increasing the accessibility of our content to persons with hearing loss, low vision, dyslexia, physical or motor disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum. “Anything That Feels Good,” the latest EP from D.C.-based […]

Shacara Rogers: ‘There Is a Special Blessing on Black Women. We Are Survivors, and We Make a Way.’

Shacara Rogers

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born jazz artist Shacara Rogers is one of those rare talents whose passionate, soul-stirring performances have the ability to conjure up the deepest of feelings, reminding you of the unparalleled power of Black American music. She has performed with greats like Patti LaBelle and as part of Howard University’s Afro Blue. Learn more about Shacara Rogers’ journey, including what inspired her return to Christ-centered music, why “there is a special blessing on Black women,” and the surprising thing she needed to unlearn during her growth process.