Cancer Can Rock with Jim Ebert

More to Watch The Alchemist Daniel Warren hill chats with Grammy-nominated producer and Cancer Can Rock founder, Jim Ebert to discuss experiences, music, Grammy’s, and of course, Cancer Can Rock. Cancer Can Rock uses the money raised to invite musicians facing aggressive cancer into a studio with professionals to produce a song which serves as […]

GuruGanesha Singh is a Talent That Must be Heard!

GuruGanesha, is an artist that currently lives in Herndon, VA. He is a child of the ‘60s, that grew up in a world where social expression and musical boundaries were confined to a very rigid set of rules that the 1950’s America dictated. Then one day that all changed: It was in 1964 that the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time, and the world was never the same. He knew right away what his lifelong calling would be and then set out across the country armed with a guitar and a vision to touch people’s souls with sound and love.

Jarreau Williams – Lift Up and Be Uplifted

Jarreau Williams checks in with us immediately after completing a recording studio session and just days after being awarded not one, not two, but three Washington Area Music Awards (or Wammies) for Best Pop Song, Best R&B Song, and Best Soul Artist/Group. Jarreau and Andy discuss filming a music video with a convertible at 30°F, the responsibility of representing the Washington DC metropolitan music, and the joy of uplifting one another while all in the pursuit of the same things.

Stephanie Mathias’ Blue Diamond De-Light

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill Stephanie Mathias has become a master at releasing music in the modern era. Her positive pop anthem “Blue Diamond Light” has been featured in a number of global playlists, highlighting the places where a good song and a good studio come together, courtesy of DMV producer Devin Spear […]