SAGA’s Jim Crichton: “Wound Up, Worlds Apart in Perfect Symmetry”

Since 1978, Canada’s second favorite prog rock sons SAGA have been rocking nonstop. Over their four decades in existence, they have sold over 10 million albums around the globe. In America, they are best known for their hits “On The Loose” and “Wind Him Up” from the 1981 album “Worlds Apart.” To celebrate the release of their compilation album, Keith Valcourt caught up with SAGA’s founding member (and longest running player) Jim Crichton from his home in the great white north to discuss SAGA’s long career, the effects of having a hit record, and why their U.S. label wanted a “Hot Chick” on the cover and not “an old guy with a map.”

Aristotle’s Philosophy Tolerates No Mistrust in “Jodeci”

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Whether you were to refer to the Greek philosopher Aristotle or to the 22-year-old Hip-Hop artist of the same name from Accokeek, MD, you would be referring to an individual whose ideology is backed by a wide-ranging knowledge base and supreme intent. Aristotle began pursuing a professional music career […]